Raw: Man Pepper-Sprayed, Detained in Baltimore

Raw: Man Pepper-Sprayed, Detained in Baltimore

As the 10 p.m. curfew went into effect police have detained one man in Baltimore. The handcuffed man had been pepper-sprayed and police were pouring water into the man’s eyes to try to ease the effects of the spray. (May 2)

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20 Responses

  1. VOREVOX says:

    Would they peek in your windows?

    Hey at least all of you aren’t homeless.

  2. Deesrickchevrolet says:

    Can’t blame the the cops when you’re defiant, at least they washed it off.

  3. Myisha Ford says:

    Did any of the white protestors who stayed out past curfew get this
    treatment?? That is the point people are trying to make. There is not equal
    justice. Thankfully there are enough people with sense who understand this.

    • Myisha Ford says:

      I have no idea what that means Satan! Goodnight. I have patients to see and
      scripts to write in the morning!

  4. Bamaboompa says:

    I’ll bet that stings.

  5. Donald Neal says:

    Ah nice, a video showing only the moments the cops did something. Would
    have love to seen what happened in the 10 seconds before that before taking
    a side.

  6. Hang Nail says:

    LMAO not so tough after all.

  7. Not Sure says:

    This type of treatment of citizens is one of the main reasons for the
    American Revolution against British forces doing similar (among other

    Just an FYI for those thinking these police are acting exactly like how the
    “founders” wanted…

  8. denise sarfo says:

    What happen to free speech? 

  9. ShaggyTheClown17 says:

    +tanerrr but were still pretty much the reason the world keeps spinning,
    without the good side of America that takes a beating every day by evil
    douchebags, racists, race baiters, retarded presidents n senile female
    poloticians, without the good side fighting the rest of the world would be
    even more of a shit hole.

  10. blueexplosion1914 says:

    He stood there and took that mase like a soilder….. fuck all police

  11. Oliver Holzfield says:

    Ape spray.

  12. Ruddagah Berry says:

    This is beautiful!!!!!! Well done police!!

  13. 846260 says:

    All the little, red-neck, racist worms from Dumbfuckistan, USA have arrived
    on this site.

  14. RonnieDobbz1978 says:

    Another great place run by Democrats.

  15. bulmer13 says:

    I imagine, right before this video starts, these words were said “Please
    disperse or we will spray you with pepper spray. This is your last

  16. Derp DeDerp says:

    She don’t wanna play no more.

  17. Will Karins says:

    This makes me happy

  18. BurrBurr1001 says:

    You can’t fight hate with hate.

    It will only lead to create more hate.

  19. MrD50boy says:

    Took that spray like a champ.