Raw Run: Zak Maytum

Raw Run: Zak Maytum

We followed the boss down one of the fastest runs in Colorado. With speeds approaching 70mph, and rough-ass pavement. Be ready to have your fuckin’ face melted.

Keep in mind… This was his first run.

Audio: The Four Horsemen – Metallica

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20 Responses

  1. somecrippled619 says:

    This new tony hawk game will have a amazing graphics linear gameplay tho

  2. KingJM85 says:

    How did they record this? Im assuming the person behind him is in a car and
    not on a board?

  3. Jacob Hall says:

    Everytime he moved positions i felt like i was on the brink of death. This
    is insane.

  4. D. Quaid says:

    +Cosmic Self he is kill

  5. Pixel Spank says:

    Not Shown: The Cameraman also on a skateboard.

  6. Ryan Teliczan says:

    You’re definitely going to die doing this. But, dang you’re going to look
    cool doing it!

  7. m4ttpeterson says:

    Watched entire video, face still intact…

  8. I'm just sayin' tho says:


  9. Isaiah Gray says:

    I don’t even want to think what happens if this guy runs over a pebble at
    those speeds.

  10. Ernext Tacuri says:

    Dear Santa ……

  11. skellet says:

    assholes between cars.. Do this shit in closed roads.

  12. rakuencallisto says:

    balls of fucking titanium.

  13. MasterChristian100 says:

    I can see his undergarments..

  14. Senseblend says:

    how was he not obliterated

  15. LaQueesha Williams says:

    dooooooooooooooooooooooouche bag, justin beiber would be proud , ea would
    be proud

  16. Em M says:

    run over a pebble…

  17. snowbro540 says:

    Where in Colorado? Looks like the front range.

  18. RobinHoodUKIP says:

    footage is clearly speeded up, i recon by a 0.2. it would still put him
    over 50mph, but not at 70mph.

  19. Percy Saucedo says:

    This guy has balls of steel,…wow that crazy,….AWESOME!

  20. 6FootMark says:

    But the real MVP is the guy doing the same thing but with a camera.