RAW: United Flight 328 engine catches fire

RAW: United Flight 328 engine catches fire

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Boeing 777-200’s right engine failed shortly after takeoff. The FAA said it is aware of reports of debris in the vicinity of the airplane’s flight path. The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate.

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83 Responses

  1. Winplatina says:

    Pilot trained for this situation. Great job, land in safe

    • Jerry Peukert says:

      @lang1031 Shouldn’t a flight attendant give them a visual on the situation?

    • lang1031 says:

      @Jerry Peukert agreed. Once it was found flight controls are still working and no loss of hydraulic pressure, and thrust is still being maintained on the other engine I would have asked for a visual.

    • DilbertMuc says:

      @lang1031 The turbine is not running any more, only windmilling. Probably some electronics, valves or pipes were damaged and the residual fuel is burning off. You can see that the fire is diminishing quickly. Besides, it seems as if the honeycomb outer layer was burning which is odd, probably soaked by fuel. I’m sure the mechanics will fix that engine quickly (some duct-tape and glue and it’s like new again. :D)))

    • lang1031 says:

      @DilbertMuc agreed I saw more video of it later.

    • I’m Smart, Very Smart says:

      @sweet potato lol there’s fire inside your car engine bro… that’s a good thing/

  2. Rein Hart says:

    Fortunately nothing damaged hydraulics in wing.

    • The Lazer Project says:

      @Matthew Trujillo he said, the guys who designed the Dc-10/Md-11 thought the same, and with 50yo aircraft I was obviously referring to the Dc-10, but I guess your reading comprehension doesn’t work that well

    • Tn Floose says:

      @The Lazer Project your correct but the mods done to older aircraft put them on par with the newer ones. When finding manuals boeing generally groups all the classes of NG into the same manual effective for all NG A/C with some exceptions. The NG inlet cowl design hasn’t changed much if at all. You are right it does have a reinforced band around the fan blades that is supposed to contain the damage but in this case the blade came loose from the root and slid out. Still being spun the blade sliced through the band eventually snapping off and puncturing all the way through the cowl and hit the Fuse.

    • The Lazer Project says:

      @Tn Floose true

    • Emily Broh says:

      Is that what caused the plane to be able to land safely? I don’t know much about planes, so I’m genuinely curious

    • iflyTony says:

      A lot was learned from the crash of AA191 in 1979.

  3. Robert Lewandowski says:

    Pilot to copilot get the ratchet strap I’ll be right back

    • Matthew Miller says:

      I’ve done that on a Freightliner 6 axel dump truck when the Hendricksen suspention broke. Strapped up the rear drive axel. Drove it home….SLOWLY……..

  4. CJ says:

    Can we just celebrate the fact someone filmed this in proper orientation..this is major based on that alone. Glad nobody was hurt!

  5. ChillinW TheTs says:

    I was just on a plane yesterday glad everyone is ok

  6. Sinister Veritas says:

    That is definitely not what you want to see when looking out of an airplane window.

    • WarSprite says:

      @Bazuka mimi But for how much longer at the extra load of providing All the thrust to keep you in the air?….On one side of the aircraft….if the airframe handles all the stress put on it, not good at all.

      And no it wasn’t working, just fan blades turning in the wind, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see them at all with the naked eye, definitely not good.

      Also No, even the Military considers a On Fire and Flaming Not Operational Engine to not be a Working Engine so even they are not crazy enough to try continuing to fly on it (mostly cause of that pesky explosion issue once the fire reaches the fuel tanks in the wing, boom, and you now have no plane problems but lots of fire problems). .

    • KOnaTbI4 says:

      @Bazuka mimi Actually it isn’t. Look at its strong vibration. It caused by detached fan blade.
      That’s why engine exploded.

    • Xoxoxo Xoxoxo says:

      @throngcleaver I meant skylite productions guy who rides airplanes everyday for his channel 🤣

    • throngcleaver says:

      @Xoxoxo Xoxoxo Hahaha! That changes everything! 😀

    • WildHorse 5.0 says:

      Rather see that than it nose diving into the ground.

  7. FlyboythaACE says:

    People look at this and are frightened. I look at this and I see an excellent design executed just as the engineers planned. Say thanks to all the frozen chickens on the blast pad that made this tech possible.

    • Matthew Trujillo says:

      @iitbftw Youre the one talking out of your ass.

      Do you know for certain this was a birdstrike?

      If your answer is no…then sit down and shut up.

    • Cats Pajamas says:

      @Matthew Trujillo I’m having difficulty finding the post where iitbftw suggested it was a bird strike. Can you point me to it?

      If your answer is no… then… well, you know what to do.

    • Cats Pajamas says:

      While one unhealthy reaction might be to be unreasonably frightened by this video, another would be to be unreasonably reassured by it. Healthy and longer-living skeptics and pragmatists lay somewhere in-between.

    • R Lyle says:

      “Say thanks to all the frozen chickens on the blast pad that made this tech possible.” HYSTERICAL!!!

    • FlyboythaACE says:

      @Maximus TheMerciful In life death is ALWAYS a possibility if you’re so shook by this eventuality by which you will NOT escape then YOU still have lots of work to do. Yes i have been through not one but TWO serious emergency landing situations and most definitely kept my cool because of my confidence in aviation.

  8. Wildcard Skip says:

    Just got off a flight yesterday thank god this wasn’t me I would shit myself! Lmao glad everyone is good!

  9. Chris Blair says:

    Great job filming, no shaking. That would have freaked me out

    • Alex Blok says:

      Probably cracked open a mini bottle of wine before hand.

    • Syclone0044 says:

      @Chris Blair I just watched a rerun of this episode, they’re really quick to produce them nowadays 😉

    • Chris Blair says:

      @Syclone0044 was it the mechanic left his 10mm socket in the engine? 😂

    • Luiz A S Gallicchio says:


    • Pat Roberts says:

      It’s amazing how you can record a great video as you kiss your a@*s goodbye!!! I would be puking with anxiety seeing this from my plane window, next you would see William Shatner sitting front of you pointing at the little guy tearing the wing apart!! Leave it to the “twilight zone” for the most scary scenarios!

  10. Chris Spacone says:

    Uncontained engine failure and fire buring through what appears to the the thrust reverser panels. Tells me something deep inside the spool let go. Look at how much that engine is vibrating. Amazing that the engine can take so much abuse, still stay on the plane and still have the plane fully controllable. Science! Engineering!

    • stendhal48 says:

      @Christopher Allison In my opinion, Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Very complex stuff.

    • Chantel Chance says:

      @stendhal48 🤣🤣🤣

    • Matthew Trujillo says:

      Was it something “deep inside the spool” that let go?

      Maybe…could have been a compressor stall. Witnesses said they heard an explosion

    • David Thomas says:

      Think mist of the shake was aerodynamic buffeting at that point. The mounts are designed to flex, otherwise they would break apart. The fire is the really scary part.

    • Haris says:

      @stendhal48 you are funny really you are you should get free stuff for your whole life .

  11. 808aaq says:

    Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday!

  12. Bob Barker says:

    And this ladies and gentlemen is what happens when your tray table is not properly stowed and your seat back is not in the full upright position.

  13. David Taylor says:

    As an engineer, I’ve always loved “cutaway” views of machines so we can see how they work. But….

    • Big Lebowski says:

      What kind of engineer are you that you need a cutaway?

    • Mohammed El Syed says:

      @J Magno
      Why are you insulting islam ppl???

    • Sumayah says:

      @J Magno You sir, are what is wrong with the world. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • J Magno says:

      @Mohammed El Syed insulting a people is the most efficient way. Even thou is offensive to some, you get the point right there and then. Also drunk when posted. So deal with everyone’s free speech by ignoring this because now I’ve wasted your time by having you read this. This also applies to you Sumayah. If you try to hammer all the mole’s you end up hammering your own foot. Sure you can get a few but the effort ain’t worth it

    • J Magno says:

      @Sumayah well ya better have tolerance adjustment dial, because I ain’t changing my character for some bullshit I don’t need.

  14. THEFIRE360 says:

    imagine waking up from a nap to see this out the window

  15. Michael Snyder says:

    Real Quiet on that plane. Can only imagine whats going through their minds. Most of them couldn’t see that glad the guy with the best view put on his camera, but damn that is intense.

  16. B Patel says:

    I’m giving her all she’s got, captain! She cannae take it any more. She’s gonna blow!

  17. Jake Heke says:

    Camera man is based and red pilled that’s for sure.

  18. jonmr1 says:

    As scary as this looks it actually gives me a bit more confidence. In my nightmares this is more than enough to take the plane down 🤣

  19. Billybob themechanic says:

    In the words of Ron White “how far will the other engine take us?” “All the way to the scene of the crash”

  20. Mr. Slowpoke1975 says:

    Strange how people are. Whether its politics, race, or religion people can’t help but not keep their mouths shut. But get on a plane traveling over 500 mph with a engine on fire, nobody says a word.

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