Raw Video: Police Force Moves Into Area Near 5th Precinct

Raw Video: Police Force Moves Into Area Near 5th Precinct

Mike Max was on scene when the police force moved into an area in South Minnepolis with multiple businesses on fire (5:53). WCCO 4 News – May 29, 2020

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  1. ALEPH NOLE says:

    Imagine being a person who doesn’t use social media or really watch the new waking up to all of this.
    It would truly look like then end of the world

  2. Tudor Nicolae says:

    0:01 look at all those joggers

  3. nogimmicks1 says:

    Lol looting from the stop and shop way to show how that’s trying to fix things between cops

    • kingdomhearts351 says:

      The violence, riots, looting, destruction of their surroundings- all aren’t them saying we need to fix it, it’s the few displacing their anger. Riots are meant to show the government the rage we feel as citizens, how else will they bother to listen?

    • farris combs says:

      @Nicholas Martinez How about there was nothing to fix the cop is being charged with murder and the other three are going to be charged. Looting is for punk ass thugs and hurts private owned small business.

    • Team Wai says:

      @kingdomhearts351 bro, they’re doing it for that reason, half of them are just there to destroy something or to get free shit, if you really cared, have a peaceful protest, you have the right to a protest but not fucking this

    • PES & Beats says:


    • Ben says:

      farris combs
      He’s being charged with murder BECAUSE of the public outrage. First, it was labeled a “medical incident.” Then people got angry, so the officer was placed on paid leave. Then people got more angry, so he was fired. Then people got more angry, so he was charged. Unfortunately, these protests are effective and necessary.

  4. Z. Deutch says:

    Wtf? So the smart thing to do is to burn the whole community down during a pandemic right? Including essential stores and drug stores DURING a pandemic. Burn the cars of innocent people and businesses of people who worked hard for years to build them, and destroy the jobs of hundreds of people who work in those buildings across the country and rob trucks who are transporting goods. Yeah that’s gonna garner sympathy from the public – NOT!

    This went from a peaceful protest against racism and police brutality that everyone supported, to riots by thug protesters acting like 5 year olds having a tantrum and wanting to destroy anything and everything.

    • REM chan says:

      @Micaiah Aladejebi nuking japan wont fix pearl harbor lul.

    • Yauvaun Gutierrez says:

      Sick sick sick. All of them are sick

    • Abdel Aziez De Boer says:

      that is how stupid americans are .i dont care what they do , god is punishing america for al its wars and killing of innocent people in te muslims land.

    • Neel Patel says:

      Houdini Of course. Dont trust the police. Dont trust the people that PRIMARILY deals with crime and protecting your city. The actions of four officers don’t apply to ALL officers. Yes black lives matter! Yes there is white supremacy in the USA, but saying dont trust the people that continually risk our lives for our protection is an insult to every officer. These officers protected us during 9/11. Not the national guard. Not the US army. The fuckinng police. I understand your anger, but dont generalize things. Just like how you wouldn’t generalize that all black people are “thugs”.

    • Andy Far says:

      Lots of the businesses were black owned 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Host says:

    those people that spent a million dollars on a doomsday bunker must be feeling pretty good right about now

    • Ahkil Brinkley says:

      @Zenigundam your best are stupid

    • Robert Garcia says:

      @Zenigundam dude thanks but why get involved with military
      I know a vet that got irradiated and all his teeth pulled. Has cancer now
      Thanks uncle sam

    • Robert Garcia says:

      So I’m not aloud to disrespect soldiers, what happens if I do.. y’all flip out and start fight
      No different than hood niggas
      Man this country is so fragile

    • William Poole says:

      Lmfao! Absolutely nothing will happen as always.

    • William Poole says:

      @Zenigundam stop acting like the military is some exclusive club.

  6. Heartless & Hopeless Records says:

    It’s just like GTA when you get more stars. Minneapolis has about 4 right now

  7. nessun dorma says:

    Looks like hey are preparing everything for martial law to me.

    • Brent N says:

      @wanderer there are great mental health facilities in our great Nation. Check yourself into one of them. You need help

    • foxhound928 says:

      Soon to happen on all our streets. The National Guard was deployed all over before all this and this is the reason why. Soon they’ll be patrolling our streets making sure we are all safely inside before curfew so the big bad virus dont harm us or the scary civil unrest. Then they’ll force vaccinate us like the good law abiding cattle we are.

    • Naomi Verdugo says:

      @Andy Mo Let some one put their knee on your neck!!! Have you watched the entire video!!! Mr. Floyd was not resisting arrest!!! You said, and I quote, “He deserved what he got!!!” Are you crazy!!! I, coming from a military, law enforcement and legal family, know this man, Mr. George Floyd was MURDERED!!! Get it straight Andy!!! You and the 7 people that gave you thumbs up for your comment!!! You, Andy and people like you, are the real problem!!! Do I agree with the RIOTS…No! Not at all!!! But I do understand!!! Peaceful protest have not been working!!! What we see happening in this country…Has been years in the making!!! Likw I said before Andy! Get it straight

    • Grant G says:

      @Andy Mo Please don’t tell me people actually feel this way? Did you see what they did to him? Dont be ignorant. If that was your brother or father, you would be devastated. Even if they were criminals , they deserve humane treatment, and to be treated innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    • Jeffery Pinley says:

      Martial law? More like asshole rioters destroying private property. If I were an owner I’d want anyone destroying my business to be shot dead

  8. Ryan Austin says:

    Wonderful journalism, lol. Stop trying to use military terms when you don’t know what a Humvee looks like.

  9. Jokez says:

    They got a whole walking dead scene in Minnesota

  10. Scrambled Greg says:

    People during lockdown: I hope this period inspires a shift in consciousness and we all learn how to co operate and appreciate life together.
    After lockdown:

    • MARK MALASICS says:

      Well, you have the right to hope.

    • Miguel Cisneros says:

      Yup. Leftists are going for Civil War. Just like it happen here in Mexico before we lost any Freedom we had. My advice: weapon up and protect your family… you are next. See the building on fire? your house is next… May God protect America

    • Smile, Eilish says:


  11. weejade2011 says:

    Can someone explain to me how this helping the I can’t breath movement and honouring the memory of George Floyd? America is burning and it’s own citizens are fanning the flames

    • DB 42 says:

      Stephaniecm011 this murder wasn’t racist. But whatever.

    • the doge says:

      Cancel the hoodlums EBT and section 8 and they’ll settle down.

    • joey boombatz says:

      @Stephaniecm011 what about getting into politics and running for office? What about joining the police academy and policing your own neighborhood? What about taking all the steps required to make a real change in the community? Rioting and looting is nothing new. What has it accomplished before? I dunno, it feels opportunistic to me when I see this

    • Smile, Eilish says:

      I feel bad for the Citizens that are there living their life and who aren’t apart of the protesting. There are children there too. I feel like fighting racism with racism and hate with hate is NOT the way to go. but again, I’m not black so I can’t tell anyone how to fight for their rights, I just hope everyone stays safe.

    • Naomi Verdugo says:

      @skatetolive45 Exactly!!! The reason people act out is because they want to be heard and change to come!!! I, in no way support the riots, looting and so forth!!! It is wrong!!! However, I do understand!!!

  12. Kayla May says:

    Just when you thought 2020 was gone be the most boring year 😳

    • Khasiah says:

      A man dying shouldn’t be entertaining to you

    • Hachi-Roku Performance Group says:

      @Khasiah this isn’t about a man dying this is about a ton of idiots that are rioting and looting. These idiots are destroying and robbing businesses and starting fires to apartment buildings so what does Floyd’s death have to do with pawnshops, target, AutoZone, apartment buildings and small businesses that are being attacked and robbed have to do with police brutality? Idiots like you are a big problem and I hope these business owners shoot looters because here in Arizona looters get shot like they should

    • Kayla May says:

      Hachi-Roku Performance Group I couldn’t have said it better myself . Thank you 💯

    • Manga Addict 2 says:

      Who thought that.

    • Shay Ó Laoghaire says:


  13. El Capitano Guillermo dodo says:

    It wasn’t a humvee. It was SWAT armored vehicle.🤦‍♂️

  14. The Twister says:

    This is not even a protest this is like a war

  15. Lisafer says:

    And just like that, nobody talked about coronavirus anymore…

  16. Remy • says:

    Someone just throw 2020 out the 🗑 ….🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. Jacob Kendall says:

    Plague inc players be like: Anarchy has started in America

  18. Rife Kimler says:

    if Wells Fargo is burning, then they have finally started on the correct buildings

  19. REE squad says:

    This is Detroit become human all over again.

    • Jimmy Collett says:

      Well at least the ones that get it are most likely be voting democrat so we mite not have worry to much about President Trump getting relected then 4 more years go democrats

    • Smile, Eilish says:

      Lmao yes

    • Smile, Eilish says:

      Connor Connor…. I’m sorry to break it to you but you are also a deviant now. 😳

    • God says:

      @Zenigundam were not talking about Robocop dude. There’s a story based video game called “Detroit: Become Human”

    • Zenigundam says:

      @God I know, I saw the commercial for it. I decided to comment my own thing. Don’t tell me what to do, boy. 💪

  20. P.J. Holmes says:

    Can you imagine what will happen if they acquit the officer of murder?

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