Raw video: The scene in Hoboken after NJ Transit train crash

Raw video: The scene in Hoboken after NJ Transit train crash

A New Jersey Transit train crashed into the Hoboken station Thursday morning injuring more than 100 and causing massive damage. Hoboken, N.J. 9/29/16 (Video by Andrew Maclean & Michael Adams | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com)

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17 Responses

  1. cdimmm says:

    i see alot of useful idiots doing nothing!

  2. Ghost says:

    engineer error or not it’s just another accident that happened because of
    poor infrastructure/lack of safety updates. someone was saying that there’s
    technology that would have prevented this everywhere else but nope not
    here, all the taxes we pay go nowhere other than these fuck’s pockets who
    run the state. quality of living is so miserable here.

  3. Anthony Zimba says:

    we will see more of this. everytime you hear Obama Clinton Trump talk about
    infrastructure more shit is going to happen they cant hide this anymore.
    United States Under a Dominic Spell. attacking its self blaming everyone
    else. Hurricane Matthew could head to N.J. stay just off the coast and Head
    toward N.J

  4. Terry Hendrix says:

    This is from the movie unstoppable

  5. Funny People says:


  6. Kristopher Perez says:

    shit my uncle takes that train

  7. Je t'aime says:

    God bless

  8. Killua Zoldyck says:

    NJ is a complete scum of a state. Who cares…

  9. Jose Garcia says:

    “Too too too too”

  10. Midnight Rider says:

    oh shit! that train is headed right towards…………………

  11. spllitz says:

    damn Muslim’s

  12. Miguel Puig says:

    Hoboken no jokin’

  13. Anthony Perez says:

    Trains are dangerous Lets ban them

  14. Agathry 1 says:


  15. THREEIO says:


  16. Mark Bonikowsky says:

    Even YouTube adds are pro Hillary.

  17. Royatoy says:

    Uh oh looks like some peaceful protesters got hold of the transit train