Rayna meets a “robot”.

Rayna meets a “robot”.

I love you, robot!

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20 Responses

  1. SHACA LACA says:

    whoa bot

  2. arma beich says:

    when skynet attacks, show it this

  3. Gusto NYC says:

    And we’re about to go viral in 3….2……

  4. light819 says:

    the robot unbeknownst to us says “this one we shall spare”

  5. HellScream says:

    Sarah Connor: Year 3

  6. Nick Langley says:

    “Hi drain!! I wuv you drain!” – the next chapter

  7. ShinGallon says:

    Even my icy, child disliking heart was momentarily melted by the adorableness of this video.

  8. Frank J. Alejo says:

    The robots have already enslaved the kids – we are doomed

  9. Vincent Rubino says:

    This is pure cuteness. Such an amazing video! I want to love robots too!

  10. Corey Watford says:

    What? A to be Viral Video not filmed vertically, that girl deserves a Cookie…a Robot Cookie.

  11. Brandon Baxter says:

    It’s a water heater… poor dumb dumb head.

  12. Shubham Machhi says:

    How is this trending with 4k views?

  13. Fisher Beaird says:

    And we’re about to go viral in 3….2……

  14. James Barkley says:

    It’s a water heater right

  15. Jonny 3902 says:

    Why is this trending

  16. Flowmoshun says:

    Some day she’ll design the AI that kills us all.

  17. Aakolick GP says:

    How is this trending?

  18. Carson's Channel says:

    gg lol aww now shes hugging and saying she loves him btw I’m commenting as I watch

  19. Omer Gaming94 says:

    *Trending for being horizontal*

  20. jose martell says:

    hello humans my name is TX 45 I want to die

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