RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

This might be the most EPIC RC Airplane video you’ll ever see!
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Music by Oh The Larceny:
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Performed by OH THE LARCENY
Courtesy of Position Music

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55 Responses

  1. Pramudya Prianggara says:

    Finally….. Coby won his second battle! TEAM COBY FOR LIFE!!!

  2. Sachin Sawant says:

    THANK YOU FOR FINALLY UPLOADING!!!!! Like if you feel the same

  3. Sophia I love sex :* TAP ON MY P!HOT!O says:

    Let’s Go Coby!!! I have always believed that he would win again. Every battle I am there hoping that he wins!

  4. Dr.GamerStein says:

    Oh maaaaan, DP uploaded the video while I was in school, soo unfair

  5. Allyssa Marielle Villanueva says:

    Congrats for the second win ever coby
    I wish that you can win more on 2019

  6. mani babu says:

    U know what … I eagerly wait for your videos and click it when came notification from ur team … Of course I don’t wait for any other YouTubers videos

  7. Muhammed Zubair says:

    Yessss!!!!!! Coby’s second Win EVERRRRRRRRRR?????????????????????????

  8. Jehaan Patell says:

    2019 year of Coby and Chandler like if you understand

  9. LACROSSE FANATIC 282 says:

    Remember the days when Coby lost everything. WOW the times have changed ?Team Cobs!!

  10. thayyoli sumesh says:


    *You’ve never played tuber simulator!?*

  11. Anna - - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    We all thought he couldn’t do it
    Congrats Coby

  12. Alex Zheng says:

    How many people don’t want spoilers below in the comments:

  13. Shaurya Damathia says:

    Like :Coby wins next battle also
    Comment :Ty spins another wheel unfortunate

  14. MVP Highlights says:

    Please do School Stereotypes❗️❗️

    Like so they can see
    Btw congrats Coby

  15. Banana Cheezit says:

    Don’t you just love the youtubers that rarely upload, but whenever they do it’s Amazing.

  16. Hoor Khaled says:

    Congratulations ? ❤️ coby for a second winner of the battle ❤️❤️?

  17. Xentraction says:

    he protecc
    he attacc

    but best of all..

    he’s growing up so fast! 8:31

  18. Everything Leah says:

    You guys are so talented. I have been watching your channel since it started. I have liked every video and I subscribe. I love you guys!!!

  19. Alex Lee says:

    15 hours ago and 4.9M views that is amazing bro. Also coby’s second win ever!????????

  20. Can This Watermelon Get 10k Subscribers? says:

    Coby: welcome to the finale to you, Tyler

    Tyler: I’ve been there

    Me: ?

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