Reacting to DON’T WAIT 5 Years Later

Reacting to DON’T WAIT 5 Years Later

We reacted to ‘Don’t Wait’ on the 5th anniversary of the most iconic music video EVER by a YouTuber 😝

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43 Responses

  1. Joey Graceffa says:

    How old were you guys when DON’T WAIT came out? 🥺

  2. Zoe Rose says:

    So when are you and Daniel getting married? 😶😂

  3. Itz coco bear says:

    Joey:ahh good day every body! *him holding a cat*
    Me:hasn’t been keeping track
    Also me:why the hell do u have a cat
    Also happy bday joey!!

  4. Taepioca Pearls says:

    Wow I was 10 when “Don’t Wait” came out 🥺

  5. Izabel Stokes says:

    Omg when don’t wait came out I was a 12 year old confused kid. Now I’m 17 and openly bi and honestly don’t wait was a massively impactful thing for me in realising and embracing my own sexuality. Thank you so much for everything xx

  6. Project JoJo says:

    They look so handsome.
    *Joey being adorable for 12 minutes and 32 seconds.*

  7. Joseph Family says:

    Danial: part two I’ll through you of a cliff
    Me: uhh savage ;-;

  8. Hannah Cottrell says:

    I was 7 when it came out and I love the how you aren’t scared to express your life I CANT WAIT until /if DON’T WAIT 2 The first time I watched DON’T WAIT I balled my eyes out.


    Joey: *casually picks up hammer*

  10. Calista Barbowski says:

    I remember this like it was yesterday :’) I remember being shook by the ending and I was loving it! I met you on your tour for the book signing and can’t believe how far you have come!

  11. Jelena Komarovska says:

    When Daniel so excitedly goes “YOUR KINKS” I about lost it😂😂

  12. KrisaCake says:

    I remember when this song came out. It actually helped me gather the courage to come out of the closet myself. I ended up posting on Facebook on June 1st, 2015 that I was pansexual along with a “Pride” playlist of various queer songs I found on YouTube and Spotify. This was also my first year being apart of the local pride parade, which this song was played by the entry behind mine. I remember a bunch of us were dancing to it and it was the first time I truly felt accepted as who I really was.

  13. Ceratedfish24 says:

    “Part two where I push you off the cliff?” DANIEL NO

  14. Kerrigan Bacher says:

    “Tongue bathe me daddy”😂😂😂 I cantttttt

  15. Hope Lerman says:

    the moment that Joey broke the internet with this amazingness!

  16. Gabriel Bello says:

    Daniel’s sense of humor seriously gives me life. I feel represented

  17. Jennifer says:

    Daniel: “tonge bath me daddy”
    Joey : **doesnt react***
    Me: **dies*

  18. Leura Harris says:

    Joey: so this obviously represents…me, and…
    Dan: yOuR KiNkS *snickers*
    Joey: NO-Oh

  19. T Phoenix says:

    I’m not joking, I watched don’t wait yesterday and was like “ this was made in 2015!?” Also, happy birthday!

  20. DJ Hollis says:

    Joey + Daniel : * casually walks into the school : hey, can we borrow a handful of kids real quick?

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