Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review

Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review

JJ’s video:

Dissimulation review:



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67 Responses

  1. ʀ ᴏ ɴ says:

    If *Im on a horse* by ksi was on dissimulation it would have been a 11/10

  2. Carl Hemmingsen says:

    So funny how they both fanboy each other. Get a room already…

  3. Nick Aguirre says:

    I can see this going further like:
    KSI: Reacting to Fantono Reacting to Me Reacting to My Album Review,
    Anthony: Reacting to KSI Reacting to Me Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review
    and so on.
    They vibe with each other so much

  4. Josh O'Pray says:

    Fantano’s English accent sounds like a character from The Getaway

  5. Death Grips says:

    Wether you like him or not, KSI is a really wholesome person.

    • 100kgLuft says:

      He’s getting there

    • Xavier Pitter says:

      Mr Stop even before corona his channel was shit his videos have just been one question go and Reddit for like a year now

    • Xavier Pitter says:

      Scarlett Ellison his videos are but they aren’t very good it’s just reddit and one question go. He’s certainly not top 20 not even top 100 but sidemen great

    • beandreams says:

      Xavier Pitter what?

    • lewis upton says:

      Xavier Pitter ngl tho, the views show for themselves. He’s been doing the same style of video for around a year and a half, with barely a dip in views. If the views dropped, I am definite hat he would do other videos, but atm he doesn’t need to

  6. BUZZKILL1250 says:


  7. Alph says:

    Anthony:’I was getting so many requests’
    Me: and jj says we never do anything for him

  8. R. Soles says:

    crush: wyd

    me: oh just reacting to anthony fantano reacting to ksi reacting to anthony fantano reacting to ksi’s album

  9. NOT Ryan Gosling says:

    “Is not deep enufff, wears du layurs?”

  10. Damjan P says:

    This was wholesome as hell dude. I never even watched a single KSI’s vid but this made me giggle and generally felt great to watch for some reason

  11. saam ziaei says:

    down like that > Poppin
    change my mind.

  12. KennyMcKiller says:

    KSI’s subreddits just bullying him.

    Me: Yes that’s why I’m here

  13. therealG says:

    When people are nice to ksi on his subreddit, he just calls them simps

  14. Balázs says:

    The audience’s work:

    “LeMoN, sAYinG tHe n WoRD FoR 10 MinUtEs iS nOt A rEviEW”

  15. Tyler Jacobson says:

    The thing that made me respect KSI a while back is seeing that he didn’t take himself so seriously like a lot of other big youtubers, he seems like a fun guy. But over the years he’s made a handful of songs that I think are pretty great, although like Anthony says they aren’t exactly original, hes got a good voice and can make good music.

  16. Danny Hodge says:

    “it sounds standard, mainstream, professional” is exactly how i’d describe most of the album too, it just doesn’t get me going in the way i;d have liked (with the exception of Houdini, and a couple others). But i can still acknowledge that it’s one hell of an achievement, and it’s certainly a question of taste, not quality.

  17. Andreas Noraberg says:

    Ksi and Mellon have a shockingly similar personality

  18. Joe Jones says:

    Dont forget, Joji has eaten body parts of both these men.

  19. Alexander Geddes says:

    Heskey Time should have been on the album

  20. Timi Thikk says:

    Why does his glasses look like a filter

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