Reacting to my first youtube video!




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49 Responses

  1. Felicia Ward says:

    Girl, your natural lips were BOMB. I remember watching that video. That’s the Jaclyn we all fell in love with because you were yourself.

  2. Shriya Patkar says:

    I wonder where Jacqueline buys her jewellery😍😍😍see her stack

  3. AmyM& Beauty says:

    Love seeing you doing well. I hope you’re successful in finding more of yourself and building your happiness back up in all aspects of your life. You deserve it! Thanks for another great video girl! 🙂

  4. Lilo Ad says:

    I actually enjoy the bloopers. Also, the teaching method u use in the tutorials is what made me subscribe. I’m here to learn how to apply makeup. I hate it when most youtubers just edit things out to make their videos shorter. We’ve seen its effect in the “i followed a… Makeup tutorial trend”. Even big beauty gurus were confused because a lot of steps were skipped over and edited out. We need the in depth tutorials back.

  5. McKenna Carr says:

    there was nothing wrong with your mouth, nose, or forehead 👿

  6. Nowal A says:

    the whole time I​ was laughing like a crazy person and it’s currently almost 4am. Jaclyn you should do more react videos of anything

  7. Charley Bourne says:

    Omg lmao it’s so zoomed in that it’s hurting my eyes! But you were still way better at makeup then than I am now 😂💖

  8. Aoife Otoole says:

    You look beautiful and stunning now but u also looked beautiful and natural then

  9. Anna1802 says:

    Can you do a Q&A? are you going to move out? will you change your last name?

  10. Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    You were super sweet in your first video! I’m still using some of the Sigma brushes you recommended in one of your videos ahahaha At that time, I had no idea about makeup and you were one of the few youtubers that would explain what they were doing in their makeup tutorials! I loved this video 😀 Do more like this 😀

  11. Diana says:

    Don’t be so hard on your younger self. If it wasn’t for her….you wouldn’t be where you are.

    • Natural Beauty says:

      you are awesome

    • Nicole Castle says:

      I can see why the marriage failed, you’re literally beating up what brought you to that place.

    • Style Features says:

      Nicole Castle how does that have anything to do with her marriage? Yall really just say anything. Like you know the in depth details of her life and marriage. SMH

    • Nicole Castle says:

      Style Features im not talking shit it’s just that people really do change no matter what the feelings are. Obviously she’s way different now then she use to be.
      Nonsense about fillers and brands,
      It’s just a bad example to beat your own self like that on camera, I love Jaclyn but wow, she looks the same to me even and it’s not good to talk like that idk. It just bothered me.

    • trisha sampson says:

      Diana i agree seemed so much more humble and likeable

  12. NOIRCA says:

    Jaclyn Hill roasting Jaclyn Hill for 10 minutes straight😂 Your skin is GLOOWING btw! YAASS

  13. Real Typing ASMR says:

    every time I see these videos, I feel bad for anyone trying to start out. You and many other large youtubers began at a time when everything was new enough. If anyone had this as their “first video” now, they’d just get clicked away. The learning curve is clearly much much steeper now.

  14. Bumble Bee says:

    why the brightness is so loud

  15. Angy D says:

    Honeslty jaclyn taught me how to do makeup cause she tells you step by step

  16. Ash Howard says:

    Oh my goodness.
    You can tell Jaclyn has a massive weight off her shoulders.
    I love this, I love happier Jaclyn ♥️

  17. Paulina Beauty says:

    You were just as perfect then as you are now 🙂 Please lower the brightness a bit in the future <3 Love

  18. Elmari Jankowitz says:

    Girl you were cute right from the beginning. Sure the camera angles coulda been better, but look at you now. You built an empire for yourself. Everyone one in the beauty community knows who you are! I’m STILL saving to buy your Morphe pallet (I’m broke so it’s taking longer than expected) and I live in South Africa. You are known GLOBALLY! Cut young Jaclyn some slack, she’s goin places. Love you💋💋

  19. Sarah says:

    This is crazy! I subscribed to you when you had that set up. I think the first video I watched was a foundation routine that you did with the same dim lamp lighting😂 I know you think that it was a terrible video but at the time I literally thought you were a makeup genius watching it.

  20. Nicole Delacruz says:

    House tour. ❤️😩

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