Reacting to my Old YouTube Series…

Reacting to my Old YouTube Series…

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60 Responses

  1. Y B says:

    Dantdm:Forgets to Put outdo song

    Me:End my Life if *MISERY*

  2. Cloudy says:

    I remember when you came on tour to Newcastle and you got me up on the stage to play roblox it was the best

  3. Jackson Jenkins says:

    I watched him when he did mod reviews. That must have been about 7 years

  4. Sydney Heller says:

    so we r *not* talking abt the fact that they called jumping jacks star jumps?!

  5. Anaku says:

    I was so confused about the joystick when I saw the series.

  6. Syed Shah says:

    No one:

    literally nobody:

    *Dan calls his pugs idiots*

  7. slinky ultron says:

    When Dan said he was reacting to old videos who else hoped he would react to his second channel and say why he doesn’t upload there anymore

  8. Kieran Duffy says:

    Anybody still remember when Dan’s hair was long, He broke his hand, and His Old Intro Press start, AHHH THE NOSTALGIA

  9. Kyler plays & dayson’s world says:

    Dan: I switched country’s to record this
    Me: so that means it took you a week to record this (or a year or two)

  10. _FAD3D_ says:

    Dan: Tells us all the secrets

    YouTube: FBI open up

  11. AwesomeSauce McCool says:

    Everyone else: *Nostalgia 9000*

    Me: Look at Mr. Chair man!

  12. Josh Ralph says:

    I remember when you went to Melbourne, Australia and I went to the live show and I was so young and nostalgic.

  13. AnImE WeEb says:

    So it basically Dan talking to himself for 9 episodes xD

  14. Spy-C- Boi says:

    Bro, who else watched Dan’s live show where it started off and everyone thought he was late and started shouting “We want Dan!”

  15. Potato_Chan UwU says:

    *When there’s food on the table, you eat it.*
    You got my respect ✊🏻

  16. Squeive 20 says:

    I was the girl who used the joy stick I’ll never gorget the moment I got a high five 🖐

  17. 4 Dolls and a Movie says:

    *Dan’s Face:* Stays the same.
    *Dan’s Hair:* “I’ve been through a lot in my time….”

  18. Sacdiyo Mohamud says:

    Who else remembers this series I was able to see it before it became premium.

  19. IndoDINO Youtube says:

    Dan: “I’m a shy and intimidated person.”
    Also Dan: *Been on multiple live tours… Makes YouTube videos for a living… Has literally MILLIONS of people who adore and support him…*

    Me: **visible confusion**

  20. Mostafa TU says:

    1:37 I lowkey thought that TV-G thing in the bottom right a skip ad button.

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