Dear Ryan, I cannot thank you enough for your support, your guidance, and more importantly, your friendship. From “Agents of Secret Stuff”, to the YTF days, to the present, you’ve really been a true inspiration. Also, not only have you gave me opportunities, but you gave my friends opportunities and we are forever grateful. (Well at least me, Derrick, Daina, and Will are…. Greg i’m sure is definitely not. You can fire him if ya want. Send him my way… “ANNYWAAYYZ”) Shoots Den, Ry.


Ps, in the event that you never made it to the description box, I guess it really doesn’t matter whatever is said hereA;LSKJDF;LAKSJDF;ALSHDFGKJAyouSHFV;LASHDFG;LASNDFVDBNIJDAmeanLHRGA;EJHFG.LASHFKLJHRJ4728like..234987T8437582U4RIQHRKJGFHSDKJLFGHALKRGHASKLJHDFGASteehee.

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19 Responses

  1. NINUUMG says:

    I love Sean ^.^

  2. Andrea Casselbrant says:

    Hahhaha seaniee

  3. Daniel Bay Deutch says:

    I think you meant Reac-Teehee-ing amirite

  4. MANDRAGON says:

    That was 5 years ago? Jeeeez

  5. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    That was 5 years ago? Jeeeez

  6. Truelady2Anna says:


  7. Shroobie Num says:

    I don’t care who you are, if you’re reading this, have a great day

  8. Shameelia says:

    Sean at 08:26-08:42 is so adorable <3

  9. ThomasVelez11 says:

    My friend uses an app to get free subscribers and he saw the Dominic show
    on it AND IT WAS REALLY HIM it said 3m subs and all of his vids LOL DOM IS

  10. lxkyo says:

    Omg you guys forgot the final destination one

  11. Kanate12 says:

    oh he reached 3,000,000 thats cool

  12. Jsneakz says:

    It would be really cool to see u guys react to your reaction video, or not.
    U look and act like Steve-O. Yes u prob know

  13. FlashGrow GT says:


  14. Funnykat1221 says:

    Me :Best friend goals
    Sean comes to my house: RYAN AND I ARE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!
    *sean walks out and drives 4 hours back to Ryan’s house and hugs him*

  15. tater turner says:

    how to be emo was the first video I ever watched on YouTube years ago in
    high school those were the days

  16. James Vander Vegt says:

    Can you imagine people reacting to this video?

  17. Andrea says:

    Poor shaun

  18. Ivypanduh says:

    the best joke ever is one of my favorite videos!

  19. Sarah Barton says:

    did anyone catch in the description box in the random crap it said you mean
    like teehee