Reacting To People Who Reacted To My Song “Disingenuous”!

Reacting To People Who Reacted To My Song “Disingenuous”!

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60 Responses

  1. Ceyda Acun says:

    I felt so bad for flight when Demi god said that it’s trash. Flight it’s actually good 🚫🧢

  2. Urxity says:

    “The Flight Shuffle.”

  3. Andrew Lois says:

    Flight vibin to his own music: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Samuel Halsband says:

    “If you overthink you can cause problems that cannot exist”

  5. Mixed Music says:

    Imdontai’s reaction was the best but why didn’t they show imdontai searching the bar “I be getting bread since 11” and it being stolen

  6. Mixed Music says:

    Flight is making everyone say “disingenuous” as “disingenius”😂

  7. Baseball Fan says:

    34:15 “ the 17th amendment, freedom of speech”

  8. Kentrell Gaulden says:

    ” i have these things called flight sensors” – your friendly neighborhood flighterman

  9. eZClaps E says:

    “I told yall im not no scientist teacher”

  10. DK_Slamz says:

    12:43 When she texts you to come over and her parents just left

  11. Xaviien says:

    1% reacting
    99% singing

  12. Fortnite Clips says:

    A “doctorate degree” flight? 😳

  13. Nino Traze says:

    Flight: 34:10 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion That’s what the 17th amendment is for
    Me: Bro what

  14. Timothy Mas says:

    “I graduated Yale with a doctorate degree BUT I JUST DIDNT HAVE THE CAMERAS ON” LMAOOO😭

  15. Tione Lloyd says:

    Flight really the goat, he’s being disingenuous by pronouncing it wrong on purpose 🤯

  16. Jessey The Goat says:

    *One random person who likes this will be successful in life*

  17. Andy Paul says:

    This is how many times he said “the last time I’m pausing the video”

  18. Shamar Day says:

    So be hyping flights head so much then turn around and say he’s trash😂

  19. Steven Lynch says:

    Flight 5mins in: “that’s the last time I’m pausing”

    The video: 1h 10m left

  20. Ching Ki Elvin CHAN says:

    Flight: Says he has a thing called flight senses where he can find out someone’s intentions
    Also flight: got robbed by his barber

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