Reacting to Sanders Sides COSPLAY! | Thomas Sanders

Reacting to Sanders Sides COSPLAY! | Thomas Sanders

This past Halloween was a ton of fun, but one thing that absolutely blew me away was the fact that so many of you created incredibly costumes based around the Sanders Sides!! In this video, I wanted to take a closer look at all of them and pay tribute to YOU guys and all the amazing things you do!!

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Thank you, once again, to my two friends, Joan and Talyn, for continuing to help with all Sanders Sides productions, from which many clips were sampled for this video!

Joan’s Links:

Talyn’s Links:

Also, thank you to Drew Gooden for helping with the edit of this video as well as creating the thumbnail!!

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20 Responses

  1. Samantha McConaghy says:

    I dressed as Logic!

  2. Magic_Seagull says:

    Thomas! I’m playing Cornwall in King Lear! It’s my first play!

    Yes, odd chocie for a first play. But I’m PUMPED!

  3. Elizabeth McEvoy says:

    Thomas thank you for the amazing videos! I love your Sanders sides and just everything! And also I know you have Musically and in fact there are Sanders Sides cosplays on there if you want to watch them! Thanks for everything you do! Your amazing!

  4. NightShade gamin says:

    OMG THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO I DECIDED TO WATCH! Okay so I’ve been subscribed for a while but I never really watched a video. I saw him on vine, and after it died, I wanted to support him. My friends kept saying how cute and gay you are (same tho) and I saw this video pop up and I was like why not. Apparently I picked the right video because you explain everything I need to know. Thank you and now you know what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of my day (binging on your vids so I can attempt to catch up). Can’t wait for the future knowing you will be included in my every day conversations on gay youtubers next to Dan and Phil because like come on we know they’re gay. Anyway, Buh bye <3

  5. BreezyGwen says:

    One sander side video they should make the sander sides turn into their spirit animals. Anxiety is totally a black cat!!!

  6. Wynona Newby-Clark says:

    I love love his reaction ❤️ he’s so lovely!

  7. Ryandraws says:

    i want to cosplay as virgil so badlyyyyyyyy

  8. Nazish Talati says:

    Friendos, I ship Prinxiety as much as the next person (if not more, haha) but just the word “relationship” isn’t proof of anything, hope you all know that. It’s a neutral word in itself. The montage of adorable nicknames? That was a little bit more ship fodder, but even so, come on, guys. They’re obviously not in a relationship _yet._
    (Ha, kidding, I don’t think there ever will be actual Prinxiety in a canonically romantic capacity… especially since not everyone ships it, and also because it may just unnecessarily complicate things. I’m personally happy with the way things are, and will gladly add all the hcs and fic in a non-canon framework, and I think that’s how it should be for the fandom’s best interests.)

  9. jodieisalive says:

    Does anyone know where Joan got their beanie???

  10. Blossom 101 says:

    Me and my friends dressed up as the Sanders sides and when someone asked what we were, we would say we were 3/4 of the personality of a gay YouTuber XD

  11. KatyKat says:

    I dressed up as Virgil. Because my personality is mostly made up of anxiety.

    Also I went trick or treating with my girlfriend who dressed up as Roman.

  12. Disgrace Ravenclaw says:

    God I want those sweaters but they’re 65 dollaaaaars…

  13. ScatterBugGames says:

    I;m being patton next year with all of my friends

  14. Bella Jones says:


  15. Fricknite ! says:

    I would definitely be Virgil if I actually went outside or got prepared or bothered for Halloween even though Halloween is FRICKIN AWESOME

  16. Ambitious. Milkshake says:

    My friend was roman for Halloween and I’m thinking of being one of the sanders sides next year!!!

  17. TurvyTophat says:

    why are all of them so cute like seriously why haven’t I met you

  18. Rita Leandro says:


    TGGBB people where you at?

  19. StormySprings says:

    I wasn’t able to dress up for Halloween but if I did I would definitely be Patton! He’s literally my spirit side lol see what I did there!

  20. matle cat says:

    Wish I could get one. Come to England!!!!

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