Reacting to the Cutest Cats on the Internet

Reacting to the Cutest Cats on the Internet

Can Rowan Blanchard and an army of the cutest cats on the internet bring Rhett around? Let’s react and see!  GMMore #1441

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91 Responses

  1. Kate Gunn says:

    Good Mythical Morning Rhett, Link, Mythical Crew, and all other Mythical Beasts out in the world

  2. ItsRedrum says:

    rowan: i love cats
    rhett: stares at us

  3. HereforRandL says:


  4. Sparx says:

    Is people talking about their hate for cats the replacement for people talking about crossfit?

    • Jackson Meade says:

      People only like cats because they’re cute, which is a shallow reason for love. Dogs are loyal, full of love, and often require a lot of work to take care off, so you really get bonded to them. They’re objectively a better companion, you can have your preferences but the fact of the matter is, a dog will always stay by your side. A cat runs away, or will leave you if they get bored or find a place they’d rather be.

    • Kristin Rasmussen says:

      +Jackson Meade not true at all

    • Lingailė Ruzgaitė says:

      +Jackson Meade People only love dogs because a dog will worship its owner at all times, which is a shallow reason for love.
      I actually like dogs quite a lot, but you’re just wrong about cats and cat owners. It takes a lot of work to really bond with a cat and you need to respect their nature. If you’re patient, the love of a cat is very rewarding. Also, it seems like you’re saying that dogs are ugly and their appearance can’t possibly be a reason to love them.

    • Carrie says:

      +Jackson Meade It sounds like you don’t actually know much about cats, tbh.

    • lumos says:

      Jackson Meade It couldn’t be more obvious that you know nothing about cats and about people who love cats.

  5. Marte says:

    Rhett talking about the way Rowan talks to the cat. Has he heard himself talking to his dog, haha?

    • Alicia Price says:

      +Ruta B I feel like I need to defend my yorkie. He’s a a prissy little boy but he’s not ugly. But you can have your opinion, whatever.

    • Daniel Huddleston says:

      Made Evan P mountain lion, bob cat, lynx, cougar, tiger, lion, cheetah, need I go on haha. Just get a dog and dress them up like a cat.

    • Daniel Huddleston says:

      Ruta B wow your nice. So your smaller than me, I guess I’d punt you if I saw you then according to your logic.

    • Dana Moontear says:

      Say that to my parent’s dog that clawed their way through a solid wood door.

    • Elle Ferranis says:

      I love dogs more then cats but right now I have a cat I adopted while looking for a dog. My cat is way less destructive then most dogs I have had. Most dogs chew things up, dig up the yard, and poop and pee everywhere until you train them not to. But it is cool because their energy and playfulness is why I like dogs more. My cat came potty trained (like most cats due to their nature), and she only scratches her scratching post. I didn’t have to train her at all. I love her as much as I loved my dogs and I love her more then any other random dog but still I’m still a dog person overall.

  6. Mariam A says:

    Rhett we all know you like cats secretly

  7. Mackenzie Greager says:

    Rhett and his demon cat conspiracy’s have me rolling ???

  8. gunnerlala says:

    Is penne the cylinders cut on slants? Hmm how do I describe it… does she not know what a cylinder is? That’s exactly how you’d describe it. But noodle tunnels is pretty good too lol

  9. pokelover02 says:

    They should bring Rowan back when they do a kitten therapy video with Rhett & Link where they try to get Rhett to like cats.

  10. Riot2301 says:

    We need an intervention episode where Rhett meets sweet loving cats and changes his tune xD

  11. Kit Kit says:

    “I have a dog that I don’t love that much”

    Seriously how could you not love a dog

    • Carrie says:

      Mine is a pain in the rear. I say, “Okay, let us only be out in this sideways rain for as long as it takes for you to poop.” and he woofs and walks 1.5 miles before finding The Spot. I don’t have that problem with my cats.

    • Kit Kit says:

      David Angeletti so are kids but we have them

    • R.J. Penfold says:

      When I was little there was a German Shepherd who jumped up on me and clawed from my collar bone to my lower abdomen, and while he didn’t hurt me or make me bleed, he was like, 50+lbs heavier than me, and I was scared shitless. But I have two pit mixes who are absolute sweethearts, and while they do play rough, they’re smart and we’re working on training them to be gentle and not jump.

    • Paint YT says:

      If you don’t love your pet………. You have a problem

    • -Woofie- -cake- Toothless says:

      I dont like dogs, hate all you want lol

  12. A name? I don't know says:

    When link finds out that his cat was not his cat lolol

  13. Witty And Funny Name says:

    Haha Link is neither a dog person, nor a cat person , he is a Jade person?

  14. Story Teller says:

    I’ll never understand how someone could hate cats. I like both cats and dogs, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. My family has two cats and they’re incredibly sweet; both like to play games, they’re both super cuddly, and they’re not still kittens either. We’ve had them for years and one of them always runs to greet you at the door meowing when you get home. I feel kind of bad for people who have never had a sweet cat.

    • Rainbow In The Dark says:

      right? i don’t know why people insist on making it a binary and constantly compare them to dogs.

    • Marino De Jesus says:

      I love dogs and I like cats but I get why people don’t. Cats break a lot of stuff and it’s hard to train them out of it. Unlike a dog you can train it to not break stuff pretty easily. Cat’s are also harder to read sometimes they are just in a bad mood. I had a cat when i was like 10 and he had some crazy mood swings one day he was super sweet and the next a demon. Idk why my family treated him great. We ended up giving him away after 2yrs because my Dad’s allergies, it was getting too out of hand and we didn’t want to keep the cat confined to an area of the house.

    • Inma García says:

      I hate both

    • ShihanPandaBear says:

      I like animals, but sometimes i really love some in particular or dislike others in particular regardless of species or gender, this of course includes dogs, cats and humans.

    • R.J. Penfold says:

      As much as I love dogs and cats, I’m a goat person. I love goats. They’re so cute!

  15. Zak D says:

    >Wears a cool NASA sweatshirt
    >Doesn’t know space facts

    No reason he should have known it but it sure is ironic!

  16. Maegan Clark says:

    It’s so ironic that Rhett hates cats, I feel his personality is the most cat like I’ve ever seen.

  17. Apathetic Potato says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to get Rhett exposed to cats like they did with Colleen and bacon!

  18. Mermaid Atlantica says:

    Rhett describes penne and rowan and link continue to describe penne less effectively for a solid minute. Ok

  19. Full-Metal-Girl says:

    “I don’t hate cats.” The look of anger on Rhett’s face. The betrayal!!

  20. Almighty says:

    Ironically, I think Rhett has the personality of a cat?

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