Reacting to the Met Gala’s “colgate carpet” looks 🫠

Reacting to the Met Gala’s “colgate carpet” looks 🫠

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49 Responses

  1. Isabelle Roberge says:

    I really like ModernGurlz’s idea that they could’ve done a “Momento Mori” theme since the industry has lost so many influential creators in the last 5 years. A night to allow people to honour not just one, but multiple different designers such as Virgil Abloh or Vivienne Westwood for example. It would’ve allowed for a lot more variation.

    • wednesday adams says:

      @Tanu k when i was in 5th grade i wrote kate spade a letter. i told her that my name was also kate, i loved her designs and how she was an inspiration to me. (back when i thought i could be a fashion designer lol.) she wrote me a handwritten card back. i still have it. it really meant a lot, because she could have just ignored it or had someone else write a response. it really broke my heart when she died, especially as someone who has struggled with their own mental health. it would have been nice if the met gala theme honored all of the great people we have lost instead of one of the most problematic white man in the industry.

    • sweetteaandanarchy says:

      Isabelle I hope you know you’re a genius.

    • Isabelle Roberge says:

      @bibimbap I think the thing with Karl is that he was a very controversial person. Plus when they did a Chanel met a while ago a lot of it was Karl’s designs because he had been with the company for so long

    • shannon celeste says:

      ModernGurlz ** great YouTube channel

    • Mary Eckel says:

      Great idea!

  2. L. T. Celoni says:

    But like imagine a Vivienne Westwood themed gala? I think it would have been so much more interesting, and she was also super influential and passed recently

    • lola says:

      @Elizabeth McMillan i mean Vivienne stopped being what is commonly regarded as punk pretty early on. Dont get me wrong, she kept it on real well, but not to the like. Common conception of punk-ness. A lot of the stuff she did in later years is no longer punk for us in the 2020s. One big example is like. Corsets. Corsets were used widely in alternative anti-stablishment fashion because it was underwear as outerwear, is part of the sexual rebelion. But now corsets arent seen in that light that much anymore, they are just a common, ableit slightly elevated and more ‘dressed up’, piece of outerwear. That translates into many things too. In a way it tells how much we have walked, which is really nice to think about, but unless you are hardcore into fashion history from a political lens or in the punk scene, a lot of later Vivienne desings just look like eccentric maximalism

    • Kathleen Faith says:

      Yes! The style side of tiktok is having a lot of fun with it and it would be amazing to see professional designers have their own take at it

    • C.G says:

      @L. T. Celoni Maybe next year they’ll do a Vivienne Westwood theme

    • Riana says:

      There would definitely be more colours to experiment with. I love Karl Lagerfeld but the met is giving really monochrome rn.

  3. LittlePhoenixReading says:

    Imagine if the carpet was turquoise??? That would look SOO GOOD in contrast with all the black and white outfits

    • Yaritza Miranda says:

      That gives Tiffany’s more than Karl. Honestly, it should have been black with minimal white accents

    • Bella says:

      Hate hate hate teal shades, please no

    • Gemstone Sparkle says:

      Gosh, the panic in every celebrities and their teams when they see a turquoise carpet 😂 that would be funny

    • paad says:

      ​@Rose Deathooo that’s exciting, thanks for telling us, i might actually watch:)

    • LittlePhoenixReading says:

      @Rose Death thanks for reminding me, I’m quite a Eurovision fan, but I never know about these accompanying events on time

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The carpet is made by a brand (Neytt by Extraweave) based in Kerala, India. It is made of fibres from the bark of agave plants making it very sustainable. It was hand painted in the U.S., a process that took 60 days. I fully agree the carpet colors might not have been the best choice for complimenting the theme but let’s not brush away the effort behind it:)

    • Nay says:

      @Yaritza Miranda I know lol everyone criticizing the looks that also took tons of working hours and effort

    • Renee's at It Again says:

      K, but: Effort comes in better colors!! The beige just ain’t it!!! Sooooo absolutely noooo no no no …. a definite NOT!! …. and please don’t do that again not!!!

    • Yaritza Miranda says:

      I’m sure the creators worked really Hard but this is a case of awful taste but great excecution

    • shannon celeste says:

      I don’t necessarily doubt this but also , “aria” is a bot

  5. Margaret E says:

    If they can do this for Karl, I hope we’ll get Vivienne Westwood theme one day

  6. Dragon Fruit says:

    You should’ve included Anok Yai’s outfit, it was so beautiful. She looked like a fairy 🧚🏾‍♂️

  7. LupitaLaChona says:

    When I’m more excited for Mina’s review than the actual looks.

  8. Martina Romero V. says:

    A lot of the outfits that were pink and/or exaggerated curves where in reference to the many times Karl Lagerfeld stated that he hated pink and that “no one wants to see curvy women”. Cardi B and I’m pretty sure Ashley Graham’s looks were an example of that. So were Grace Elizabeth, Harvey Guillén Quannah Chasinghorse, Lizzo and Kela Walker. I was surprised not to see that mention.

    • Bella says:

      ^^ second prt of the reply is very key

    • Mina Le says:

      I personally think karl’s dislike of pink has been super over-emphasized in the media. he designed many pink outfits throughout his career and naomi campbell, a longtime friend & collaborator of karl, wore pink last night as well. unless any celebrity says outright that they were protesting, i think it’s probably giving them too much benefit of the doubt and taking away from celebs like jameela jamil who has vocally and persistently called out the met for their karl exhibition and who wasn’t in attendance.

  9. Lucía Martín says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Mina’s magnificent outfit?
    She’s looking gorgeous and on theme!!

  10. Campi says:

    Men like Bad Bunny, Conan Gray, Taika Waititi and Pedro Pascal slayed. They tried something different and I love that

    • Yaritza Miranda says:

      ​@Quetzi Guadalupe Also ASAP Rocky was literally a reference to one of Karl’s outfits. Some People thought it was Boring but I liked Robert Pattinson’s suit

    • Yaritza Miranda says:

      Pedro Pascal was not on theme… But I loved him specially when he did the slutty knee pose.

    • Marta Navas Toribio says:

      i didn’t feel Pedro Pascal’s outfit was very inspiring. lately his outfits aren’t being that innovative or transgressing, which i think would fit with his more open, progressive persona.

    • human chanel says:

      one sneak i fear..

    • Quetzi Guadalupe says:

      Let’s not forget Brian Tyree Henry. He slayed all the men.

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