Reacting to the most INSANE Minecraft Speedrun (All Advancements World Record)

Reacting to the most INSANE Minecraft Speedrun (All Advancements World Record)

@Feinberg did this run last month and has beaten it since this stream! Go check him out!!!
Full Video:

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39 Responses

  1. Feinberg says:

    Thanks for reacting! Was awesome to watch your analysis and commentary 🙂

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    It requires an unrivaled amount of good luck and great intuition to even come close to this run, you can’t even mess up once. Mad respect to Feinberg for being an absolute beast.

  3. Nathaniel Bryan says:

    I really enjoy speedruns explained by smallant; makes things understandable and entertaining

  4. Astercat says:

    This man actually got every single potion effect simultaneously, before he had even made a stone pickaxe. Absolute madlad!

  5. Fasareste says:

    Normal People: “Fishing Rods are useless. Who wants to fish in Minecraft?”

    Feinberg: “I will use it for EVERYTHING”

  6. Robotswjd- 98 says:

    I just realized how hard it would be to get “How Did We Get Here” Achievement in 1.19 because of the Darkness effect. Hope Feinberg does it in 1.19 when it is released!

  7. lexiconofwords says:

    The speed run was incredibly impressive. Actually knowing what was going on made me appreciate it so much more, so glad Tanner did this!

  8. Toadcakes says:

    I really appreciated ant explaining everything. I feel like it’s hard to watch speed runs when you don’t already know everything/run the game yourself

    • EarthToZoeality says:

      Honestly that’s why I love events like AGDQ, where they have commentators telling you what’s happening in the run

  9. Falcon27s says:

    Feinberg is such an amazing speedrunner, and this run showcases his skills.

  10. Noah Clark says:

    Feinberg: *Gets every advancement in 3 hours*
    Me: *Spends 3 hours trying to get full iron*

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