Reaction to Aaron Rodgers and Packers stunning loss to 49ers | The Colin Cowherd Podcast

Reaction to Aaron Rodgers and Packers stunning loss to 49ers | The Colin Cowherd Podcast

Colin gives his instant reaction to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers losing in an upset to Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Playoff Divisional Round. He also explains why this proves that Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals deserves the MVP over Rodgers.

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40 Responses

  1. Bill L. says:

    Let’s go 49ers! The entire game holding my breath. In the end the W!

  2. Kazzy Official says:

    This is actually a great perspective on Rodgers by Colin

    • William Li says:

      @Pro Pre “belichick seems to be able to win without brady”
      He never win a division without Brady. The season Matt Cassel or Mac Jones is like Rex Grossman and Mitchell Trubiskey of Bears, when opponents didn’t have video to study the QB, and with easy schedule.

    • William Li says:

      @Pro Pre “how does brady do in packers cheap ass organization ”
      Robert Kraft admitted Patriots used to laugh at teams that spent big in free agency.
      Belichick’s free agency splurge (the way he used to believe was stupid) proved that *the reason Belichick could build the team in a way that other coaches couldn’t was because he had Tom Brady. Without Tom Brady, he has to build the team just like how every other coach does.* In other word, Belichick proved that the system that won Pats 6 SB was Brady’s system, not his.

    • Jason McCabe says:

      @Kenny Deschenes it wasn’t lucky….Kyle talked about taking advantage of Packers horrible special teams….I mean they had a blocked FG earlier…..did you watch the game?

    • just forfun says:

      @Pro Pre that is a lot of woulda couldda shouldda…bottom line rodgers never comes through in big games…and that is for the last 3 years when they were always favored…

    • Pro Pre says:

      @just forfun yeah, well, ive been all over the place with my discussions based on who im responding to. My overall point is that Colin is a huckster with an ax to grind and the packers are an underachieving franchise with an over-reliance on the QB position.

  3. Van City says:

    Rodgers doesn’t seem to do well under pressure in the playoffs

  4. BBD44 says:

    I hadn’t heard about The Volume and I thought this was gonna be clickbait, good on Colin for getting that quick reaction out there

  5. i2Shea says:

    I really enjoy this version of Colin, he can really be himself and not have to put a facade on like he does with Fox.

  6. Tom Hood says:

    That’s actually a really good analysis by Colin. Aaron Rodgers was playing safe the entire second half, playing not to lose instead of taking chances and playing to win. Scoring only 10 points is totally unacceptable for that offense.

    • Afrikan Lifestyle says:

      Do you forget that there is a team on the other side who’s job is to stop you from scoring. You gave to give the Niners D some credit. Still if the Packers special teams don’t give up a blocked fg and a punt the Packers win and the Rodgers analysis isn’t even necessary.

    • gio godina says:

      @Aaron Warren Nah he does this all the time. Even when they’re getting blown out he doesn’t even try to come back. He likes to play it safe and keep his stats looking good.

    • The Great Whale Shark says:

      @kriptic22 the niners are not a better team than the packers the packers defense held the niners back the only reason the niners won was because they blocked two kicks the niners aren’t a better team at all the packers defense did way better this game

    • Lil Drezzy says:

      The only reason you guys think GB has a good offense is bc of 2 people and bc their coach has nice hair

    • Erin Lee says:

      AND LEFLEUR’s PLAY CALLING SUCKED!!! Did Aaron call the game?? Hey Matt 5 min left in the game.. ground and pound… oh nooo we pass the damn ball! WTH Matt!!
      Easy to blame Aaron.. it takes a team to win not a QB!! Jimmy didn’t win the game!!

  7. Big House says:

    49’ers defense played well but Colin you hit the nail on the head in regards to Rodgers

    • Innis Mor says:

      ARodg …. now 0 for 4 against the 49ers in play-off games.

      I guess maybe he’s not “immunized” against the SanFranFlu, like he is “immunized” against COVID.

    • Rip 3pac says:

      @Innis Mor you really thought you did something with that huh

  8. Drop the Bassline says:

    I rarely agree with Colin but this was spot on

    • polymyxa says:

      If you watched it carefully yesterday, throughout the game, Rodgers didn’t seem to be excited or really care about the game at all. His facial expression looked bored out there and didn’t even talk to his teammates when the offense was in-between plays on the field. I thought he was ready to leave GB then.

    • Carl Frye says:

      @polymyxa That’s not new, that’s his personality on the sidelines.

    • Clayton Sackett says:

      Rarely agreeing with Colin isn’t a thing to brag about. He has really logical takes.

    • HISHAM931 says:

      @Clayton Sackett he also has really bad takes where he seems to double down even when he’s wrong lol

  9. Todd Otterson says:

    This is the typical season ending for the Packers though. They use their arsenal all through the season successfully, then in the play offs they only want to pass to Adams, and lose every year by doing that.

  10. Carl Frye says:

    On the Packers last possession when Rodgers threw the prayer bomb to double covered Adam’s there was a guy a few yards open to the inside – on a linebacker, 25 yards shorter throw and a wide open field to run after the catch.

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