Reaction to Cowboys-49ers, Bengals-Bills, Giants-Eagles, NFL Playoff Divisional Rd. | Colin Cowherd

Reaction to Cowboys-49ers, Bengals-Bills, Giants-Eagles, NFL Playoff Divisional Rd. | Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd reacts to the NFL Playoff Divisional Round, starting with his instant reaction to the San Francisco 49ers eliminating the Dallas Cowboys from the playoffs for the second straight season. Plus, he explains why the Buffalo Bills should be embarrassed by their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, and what he took away from the Philadelphia Eagles destroying the New York Giants.

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00:00 – Cowboys-49ers
07:07 – Bengals-Bills
13:54 – Giants-Eagles

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43 Responses

  1. steele smith says:

    Not a niners fan but I felt like purdy did everything you could hope for scrambling on the plays he was pressured to not get sacked and then delivered whenever he had time against a very good pass rush. The one almost interception was initially tipped and he was very accurate.

  2. CIA Murdered JFK says:

    This game has to be a real gut punch to Bill Mafia.
    Losing a competitive game is one thing. To be dominated from start to finish on your own home field is another.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Purdy is just really solid. doesn’t make dumb mistakes, knows where to miss, makes the easy lay ups, hits the hard stuff enough, and is mature. i’d take him

    • Lars Svensen says:

      @Brian Bunting Dak was intercepted twice and had THREE other dropped interceptions.

    • CIA Murdered JFK says:

      What would scare me as a 49er fan is that Purdy is due for a bad game and it could happen in one of the next two games.

    • Marc D says:

      I’ll take Brock Purdy over Dak Prescott straight up.

    • Solo Thought Sports says:

      @Pasta Chocolate a few reasons. 1- the Bengals are one of the only teams that defensively matchup well against KC and the ability to keep Kelcie limited in production.
      2- Mahomes and his High Ankle Sprain takes away a elite dimension of his game with scrambling so he is essentially a sitting duck.
      3- There are only a few QBs int he league that operate the QB position of the highest level and Joe Burrow is one of them and he is able to go score for score with Pat and KC and unlike other teams Joe doesn’t turn over the ball and the Bengals don’t beat them selves when playing KC like other teams do.
      This is how the Ravens always gave the Patriots hard times in the playoffs during the Dynasty years.

    • Nine says:

      Purdy is playing in a very similar way to Burrow, they are not on the same level of talent of Allen, but they are playing smarter complementary football thanks to great receivers and better coaching

  4. Josh says:

    I enjoy Colin’s takes on the volume more than his show, and I really like the show.

    • Jim Brown says:

      The podcast like real time. The show is a show.

    • Isaiah Hunter says:

      I’m pretty sure he drinks when he watches the games sometimes that wine gets him loose 🤣

    • Jazz says:

      @Crandon Borth he still does his stupid takes acting like offensive coaches can do no wrong. This dude keeps trying to push a stupid narrative

    • Vegeta King says:

      @magicvoice31 Ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner! We’ve a winner here ladies & gents! This man right here nailed it on the mothafucking spot with his comment 👍👍👍💯💯💯 Good shit yo! Stay safe & god bless! Peace ✌️

    • magicvoice31 says:

      He’s “dancin’ for the man” on FS1..he’s his real self here

  5. andgainingspeed says:

    Kudos to Shanahan for not giving up on the run, even though it didn’t yield results until the 2nd half, after the Cowboys defense started running out of gas. When Prescott had the chance to bail out his defense after they picked him up following his picks, he was not up to the task.

    • Branden Furlow says:

      @george way  flawed logic. The Niners always weigh on the opposing defense 2nd half. The physicality always shows in the end.

    • Deez says:

      @george way remember the Giants are not the Niners.

    • Smoovy says:

      facts shanahan stuck to his game plan of running it down their throats & just pounding. it takes a toll on a defense

    • drbob s82 says:

      We’ll see…

    • george way says:

      ya … but that’s not going to happen against philadelphia ( mr . purdy and the running game will be getting their collective butts handed to them … ) and mr hurts is not mr prescott … ) the niners are about to run into a nightmare … on both side of the ball …….

  6. Jonathan Haven says:

    The thing about the Bengals offensive line though is that it might actually be better now than it was before the injuries. Jackson Carman is way bigger and stronger than Jonah Williams, Adeniji is quicker and more athletic than La’el Collins at this point of his career, and Sharping is a serviceable player to fill in for Alex Kappa. Carman and Adeniji are younger players who are arguably still developing and getting better.

  7. Nerveroxis says:

    Burrow has the passing touch of prime Drew Brees, dude is handing the ball to his receivers while 30 yards away. Only a handful of QBs in NFL history can throw a covered receiver open and Burrow is one of those guys.

    • Matthew Alexander says:

      Yeah and Burrow is technically the most accurate passer in NFL history right now, with over 72% completions (topping Drew Brees). If that were to hold throughout his career, that would be incredible!

  8. Karl Malone says:

    The only thing Colin hates more than defensive coaches is Aaron Rodgers.

  9. Nonewhere Listens says:

    Purdy impressed me. Quickly scans the passing route options and quickly delivers a strike to his receivers. How he handles Philly’s rush will be the only question mark I have about him for next week.

    • Gracialon Ignasiver says:

      This is gonna be Cooper Rush all over again. Backup QB looking elite until he plays that Eagles defense and they get behind early so he’s forced to throw more downfield. Brought Cooper Rush back down to Earth, and it’ll most likely play out the same with with Purdy.

    • texas boii says:

      Philly has an elite secondary tho

    • Nonewhere Listens says:

      @Wow do it They will lose to Philly. You’ll thank me later.

    • Wow do it says:

      Lol I thought Purdy was just along for the ride. Didnt do nothing special just relied on his all world defense and elite run game and occasionally hit a ridiculously wide open widereceiver with a screen pass or quick slant. Jimmy G went to a SB with that team. Anybody can at that point. A top 10 QB would go 20-0 on that team.

  10. Shaun Fadeley says:

    Colin, Sir, I truly hope all the appreciation of your extra hard work gets relayed to you. We ALL mean it. Thank you for keeping me on the edge of my seat. I love it!

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