Reaction to Steph’s 50 pts in Warriors-Kings Gm 7 + matchup vs. Lakers | Colin Cowherd + Jason Timpf

Reaction to Steph’s 50 pts in Warriors-Kings Gm 7 + matchup vs. Lakers | Colin Cowherd + Jason Timpf

Colin Cowherd and “Hoops Tonight” host Jason Timpf react to the historic 50-point performance by Steph Curry in the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, which set the record for most points ever scored in a Game 7. They also discuss how the Warriors match up against the Los Angeles Lakers, their opponent in the next round. Plus, they react to the Miami Heat beating the New York Knicks in Game 1, and the Denver Nuggets beating the Phoenix Suns in their Game 1.

00:00 – Start
08:58 – Warriors-Lakers
13:26 – Heat-Knicks
18:12 – Suns-Nuggets

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44 Responses

  1. Josh Rizal says:

    Steph Curry at 35 dropping 50 in game 7! He was taking tough shots and making it. Incredible!

    • Mauricio Real says:

      Most of it was the kings leaving him WIDE open 😂 relax

    • Dukjin Im says:

      @KevinG On a night where the rest of his team shot .441 from 2 and .286 from 3 on the other 62 possessions, Steph shot .650 from 2 and .389 from 3 on his 38 possessions to claw back those 50 points. Despite the Sacramento focusing all their attention on Steph and even starting to leave Klay loosely guarded at times when he went cold, Steph put up that kind of efficiency.

      Shooting efficiency on volume is impressive because the quality of shots you generate are based to a large degree on finding the best shot a defense allows on a given possession.

      Think of it this way: if you’re shooting, say, 40% from 3 and 50% from 2, why don’t you take 38 shots every night?

      Because you can’t. what differentiates a 50 point night on a good percentage, is that somehow on 38 possessions, you were able to find shots good enough to shoot high percentage. And if he had shot 40 times, I guarantee you the extra 2 shots would have been among the more difficult shots he took that night.

    • Dukjin Im says:

      @Jakub Kosibaevery opponent in their 4 championship runs had “size and Length” over the Warriors.

    • RIDDY MUSICH says:

      @Brian Keegan Exactly. It was obvious how dirty Sac played throughout the series and were being enabled to keep doing it. In my opinion Sacramento were pampered through the series which always shifted the momentum and got frustrated and emotional when it wouldn’t go their way. “They couldn’t finish”

    • AmaTz-One says:

      He is peaking the 2nd time

  2. Derrick says:

    Steph actually is an elite athlete….some people can jump incredibly high, some are incredibly quick…….Steph’s cardio is God Tier…..

    • Rk says:

      @steven g bro we can fucking walk in football….. messi literally walks 70% of the game basketball cardio cannot be compared to football ik because ive played both professionally in england…

    • j l says:

      Not only that, Steph has high level basketball and sports IQ

    • Evral Jones says:

      @steven g You’ve never done “suicides” and it shows..

    • Mark Bantz says:

      @steven g soccer players stand around for half the game! What a joke!

    • oooshka says:

      @Coy Shuffles yeah I was a defensive midfielder and left full back at times and there is tons of resting in soccer/football lol

  3. Kyle Long says:

    JT is the best. I feel like other hosts tell me what happened (box score breakdown, and the highlights), but JT gives me the why and the how. He covers matchups, strategy, player skills and weaknesses, tendencies, situational breakdowns, etc. I feel like every time I tune in to his content I learn something and I become a better more insightful basketball fan. Just great work guys. Keep it up 👍👍

  4. Matthew Brown says:

    Love the actual analysis from Jason, not just opinionist

  5. Lenny McFarland says:

    Colin is the master of talking in hindsight and making people think he knew all along 😅

  6. Johnny 34 says:

    If you watch the highlights on Steph for this 50 pt game, you’ll see about 2 shots coming off screens. They gave Steph the ball, cleared the area, and allowed him to operate 1 on 1. He was like prime Harden but with more efficient shooting. He could have demanded to play this way his entire career but buys into team ball. Most underrated superstar in history, he’s held by the fans to a different standard than every other all time great

  7. Swoosh283 says:

    Jason is absolutely amazing doing this by himself but Jason + Colin is always next level shit. You guys have something special going here please keep it going 🙏

  8. Arnold Palmer says:

    Colin has a great eye for talent. Love what you’re doing Jason.

  9. Shayne Jellyman says:

    Jason deserves all the credit in the world. I watch everything he puts up, he’s fantastic.

  10. Clement Okolie says:

    Colin owns this podcast. He’s made a lot of money throughout his career, yet he’s here staying up doing his job. I respect him. This man. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • NJtoTX says:

      If you take a shot of whiskey every time he says “It’s interesting” on his show, you would probably have to be hospitalized. I watch the first hour plus of his show every day. He alternates between very good and infuriating. He cherry picks data. He makes false generalizations about data he show on-screen that the radio audience can’t pick up on. He’s a horrible interviewer, using the first full minute of every question to rehash what he already told you so that the person can react to it, typically someone who will act as a yes-man (other than Klatt and Wright) and never asks follow-ups based on what they say.

    • kefkapalazzo1 says:

      @Edward Sudler so?

    • NoSoyAllowed says:

      @Edward Sudler but you still watch. Cope harder next time.

    • Edward Sudler says:

      @Missouri Skinwalker Oh you’ve gone off topic now when did it get personal honey oh forget it I could CARE LESS

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