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20 Responses

  1. Damien Devrieze says:

    It’s kinda funny how only the girls are mad about this.

  2. Monthar Abudarb says:

    Does anyone know what movie this from 

  3. groc byx says:

    what shitty series is this? Looks terrible lol

  4. valhallaforever1 says:

    Weiner, weiner-weiner, weiner-weiner A weiner next to another weiner.

  5. Mike Litoris says:

    Sounds like a good ending

  6. Little mud ball says:

    What were they reacting to?

  7. Sith Lord says:

    I can feel the anger flowing within you.

  8. stevenan93 says:

    GRRM doesnt even kill Jon Snow. Jon wargs into ghost right before dying
    rekterino its the stupid writers from HBO that wrote that off the script.
    also stannis lives and brienne is azor ahai

  9. John McMillen says:

    Hmm… isn’t Melisandre, a Red Priestess, currently at Castle Black? I
    don’t think we’ve seen the last of John Snow.

  10. LotusEater says:

    jon snow will sit on throne… period

  11. John Haughton says:

    fuck game of thrones. this show is all about giving you a small amount of
    hope and then killing it… every time. next season arya will die and so
    will khaleesi and any character anyone can enjoy.

  12. Tersea F says:

    These reactions of people filming themselves alone are so f*cking stupid
    and contrived. Who is filming you watching this alone in your apartment?
    You are? Oh you turned on your web cam and filmed yourself reacting to
    something you didn’t know was going to happen? Give me a break you
    narcissistic losers. Give up on your acting dreams you’re not going to
    make it through a sad attempt of getting viral.

  13. Davis Smith says:

    Yes, fuck me indeed. But, please…do it in the ass first. 

  14. theBM5X5 says:

    Watching 2girls1cups

  15. Shades says:

    The one thing they managed to do:
    Make people not care about season Six.

  16. Spencer Romero says:

    What are they watching?