Reading Our Own Fan Fic ft. Liza Koshy

Reading Our Own Fan Fic ft. Liza Koshy

Rhett and Link read their own fan fic while Liza Koshy helps them see if they can guess what situations the authors have placed them in. GMM #1362

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56 Responses

  1. paper bag says:

    I’m here for all the Rhink fanfic

  2. HereforRandL says:

    Handsome Devil?
    Wow, Rhett 😏

  3. Abigail Geevarghese says:

    Read more fan fiction please! 😀 I love your reactions 😂😂

  4. Spicy Boi says:


  5. Declan Veitch says:

    Link’s a handsome devil? Rhett is there something you’re not telling us? lol

  6. Noel Hopkins says:

    The excitement in Rhett’s voice when he said “magicians” 😂😂😂

  7. Johanna Hall says:

    Handsome platonic friend XD

  8. slimcogntio says:

    that last Rhett and Link fanfic I knew they’d be Stripper. That’s one of the most things that happens in fanfics. That and someone being pregnant and/or a gay relationship

  9. Justin Griffin says:

    Link *gay panic* is so strong in this one.

  10. Lucille Elville says:

    Can we make this a wheel segment? Random fan fic dramatic reading! Please haha I can’t even right now 😂❤️

  11. Toy Tube says:

    Thank you for donating my grandpa has it really bad and never met the real him thank you so much I really love you and Liza to

    • lucien says:

      This comment hit close to home. My grandma died from dementia and it was the hardest thing to see. I hope a cure happens soon.

  12. Jellybeans070 says:

    I’m dying
    *you look like a handsome platonic friend.*

  13. Sean Hazlett says:

    Liza-“is it sexual?
    Link-” she was filled with… ”
    *Rhett sits upright
    Link-” anger”
    Rhett-“oh” *relaxes

  14. Mary nekowanza says:

    ….are you going to eat a sandwich (try guys)

  15. Liza Koshy says:

    SOLID MYSTERIOUS THUMBNAIL TEXT. Made me wonder and click and remember you all had me on GMM! Thanks guys! Gotta go finish my Rhink and Diza fanfic now

  16. David Fadden says:

    That’d be a great idea for a show: Rhett and Link produce and act out Fanfiction. Good Mythical Fantasy

  17. greenquartz says:

    We’ve got to get this girl some Eggos. She thinks you can’t make waffles in a toaster. 😜😊

  18. Sabrina Quana says:

    Links hair is beautiful 😍

  19. Megan Wentworth says:

    “Handsome platonic friend”

    Link Neal 2018

  20. Sai Prime says:

    Is nobody going to acknowledge the fact that Liza isn’t aware that toaster waffles exist? Has she never seen an Eggo commercial lol?

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