Real Burning Lightsaber

Real Burning Lightsaber

A quick video of my lightsaber build, just in time for Star Wars!

Youtube Channel:

Special thanks to Geek Mom Projects for 3D printing help!

Project inspired by Tesla Down Under:

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20 Responses

  1. Joshua Spietzack says:

    It’s a start! :D

  2. Adilet Zhankeldi says:

    Dislike for Jar jar binks

  3. svnseto ! says:

    so its basically a flame thrower

  4. Simon Gomes says:

    this is ducking awesome and nerve racking at the same time. so many things
    could turn it into a freak accident.

  5. Caleb Brown says:

    Flame Saber

  6. cory gonzalez says:

    would been cool if u burnt your house down

  7. Excalibur Sapphire says:

    When and where can I get one.

  8. Ebon Hawk says:

    I’d say this counts as a real lightsaber.

  9. coldblood787 says:

    Han solo dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. djBC10000 says:

    it’s all fun and games until that thing explodes in his hands

  11. CFH Sambo says:

    Don’t read the comments if you haven’t seen Episode VII, tons of spoilers

  12. Matthew TaZ says:

    this would have made filming star wars a lot more fun

  13. Captain Pistachio says:

    We’re getting there, boys!

  14. gogokill21 says:

    one small step for man. one giant step for the galaxy

  15. OLDY SK says:

    This is not a light saber ! This flamethrower. Lighter…

  16. ealdie24 says:

    Why Jar Jar? Could’ve either been that whiney kid or emo teen Anakin.

    Anyways, this is EPIC!! If I could clone myself in Camino, I would have
    them each create a youtube account just to thumbs up this vid

  17. Puzzles says:

    so its a long lighter?

  18. Abiel Rodriguez says:

    Allen should stop making lightsabers and go catch my rebounds

  19. Richard Miller says:

    So its just a flamethrower???

  20. MysterRubiks says:

    Han solo dies