Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Trick shots all day everyday!
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Comment where should we do real life shots next!

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– Dude Perfect

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48 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    ?COMMENT which shot took the longest ?
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  2. DARIXK13 says:

    Here before 10 & 100 million views?

  3. sandy sanjay says:

    1:39 dont forget to zip your bag before going out!!!!

  4. moshe gelt says:

    Real life trick shots are my favorite trick shots!!

  5. Christina van Donk says:

    3:25 I feel soooo bad for Cory, he still has no eyebrows!!!

  6. MiitsPlayz - Random Games says:

    *The amount of times the book probably hit his head…ouch…*

  7. Mark Johnson says:

    You guys should make a channel where you post your fails and bloopers and instead of Dude Perfect it can be Dude Fails.

    Just a suggestion

  8. Syed Noore Rasul says:

    1:21 that passing the pepper is the only thing i can do from this video

  9. oNaczy_ says:

    Oh I do those alllll day

  10. Basheer MB says:

    Oh boy real life tricks shot 3….?

  11. Vova Yuzvishen says:

    It seems like their everyday looks like this…?

  12. Zi Ji Huang says:

    Who said first? Cuz I have a blue shell. 😀

  13. Video Game Brayden says:

    I want more bloopers and trick shots

  14. yash gupta says:

    And here i can’t even flip a bottle correctly.?

  15. leeuwen games says:

    love the bloopers almost more than the actual trick shots … maby make a series out of all of them?

  16. Jan Šega says:

    Like for real life trick shots part4

  17. Lukas Finnema says:

    1:41 uh oh the same mailman as last time IS MY STUFF EVER COMING IN ONE PIECE!!!

  18. Das Mehtenvieh says:

    Wo sind die deutschen???

  19. Karson Baldwin says:

    Happpppy day…Sooo HAPPY today i got 99000 of V-bu ckss without having to pay!!
    I shared the method on my youtube page!
    ??????????????? ????????????????

  20. Dᴜdᴇ Pᴇrfᴇcṯ Giveaway says:


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