Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax (3-5 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax (3-5 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Ajax stunned Real Madrid in the Bernabeu to overturn a first-leg deficit and book a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 4-1 win over the holders.

Dusan Tadic scored one and set up two others, with Lasse Schone adding a fourth late on. Marco Asensio pulled one back for the defending Champions but it was not nearly enough.

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60 Responses

  1. Random Guy says:

    Are people still saying that modric deserved the balon d or?

    • Random Guy says:

      +Johnny F it has nothing to do with ronaldo… everyone else in the top 5 for 2019 were world class except Modric

    • M. says:

      He never deserved it. He’s a little fucking rat who can’t play for shit

    • Ngwane Hansel says:

      I’m a Barca fan, but Modric deserved it. He might be wearing out, but at the time, he deserved it.

    • ewt415 says:

      +Ngwane Hansel Fuck off fake ass fan. If Messi didn’t get it, it was Ronaldo. No one on this planet was better than those two. Modric? Don’t fucking make me laugh.

    • Jonathan Frayre says:

      Of course he did after an amazing world cup

  2. Anthony JcJr says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo Zinedine Zidane Keylor Navas get the last laugh

  3. John D Gates says:

    Santiago Bernabeu: Europe’s training ground.

    • Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035 says:

      John D Gates it was ronaldo….they do not have a player that defenders have to keep focus on the entire game….one slip up with Ronaldo and you paid for it

  4. Monsterrr ATLETIII Fan09 says:

    Dusan Tadic is criminally underrated and that schone free kick was unreal!!!

  5. Nick Soccer says:

    i wont say how awful Madrid was. this is all Ajax and their manager. Absolutely brilliant football from that team. just football in its purest form (like how japan played against belgium until they conceded a goal)

    • Kevin Vargas says:

      U said you wont say how afwul madrid was but u did

    • David Lopez says:

      not really they all just finished perfectly look at those 2 bangers from free kick and left foot finesse, could have been 4 bad finishes/shots.

    • Nick Soccer says:

      +David Lopez you cant just look at goals. gotta look at the whole game. the passing, confidence, possession of the ball, dribbling. it was all good.

    • david says:

      +Nick Soccer exactly ajax outperform real madrid in every aspect especially leadership and possitioning today. There was no organization in the back for Madrid. All the players were shitting themselves when an Ajax player ran at them.

    • HC_Mark MarkDaBoss666 says:

      Your right

  6. Pain says:

    Put Navas in. Currently goalie earns worst goalie of the year.

  7. Matthew Jones says:

    Finally Real Madrid gets what was coming to them. Ajax completely outclassed them in every way possible in both legs. Where are all you RM fanboys at now?

  8. Lyncoln Richy says:

    It’s this the same tadic that played in Southampton I mean he’s brilliant for Ajax incredible

    • GunnerSol says:

      He was great with soton too, dunno why they let him go. Him and Pelle had an incredible partnership

    • Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035 says:

      He was excellent in south Hamptons side he just did not have a supporting cast….

  9. Luciano Arebalo says:

    Real Madrid lost 3 trophies in ONE WEEK lol ?

  10. Jilshie says:

    Karma. I said it all along, Ajax were gonna beat Real Madrid.

    This Ajax team are a real dark horse. The way they pressure and attack is sublime. One of the best teams in Europe in doing so at the moment. Watch out for them!

    • Francis Marasigan III says:

      Counterattacking was fast they leave one midfielder behind because everyone goes on the offensive once they recover the ball.

  11. Rogene Roper says:

    @1:19 oh that’s just nasty. Not even on FIFA can you execute a 360 like that

  12. Joel Lado says:

    The last strike and goal was just pure disrespect.

  13. Luciano Arebalo says:

    2:47 keylor hits his head and acts like nothing happened

  14. RPG7500 says:

    Madrid fans: “BuT wE hAvE 13 cHaMpIoNs LeAgUe TrOpHiEs”

  15. Jmoney1041 says:

    Wild Real Madrid getting smacked

  16. Freakly Fire says:

    So, Ajax traveled to Madrid 4-1 reason! ?

  17. FIFA MOBILE Zahin says:

    I came here to win champions league.-Courtious.

  18. Juan Avilez says:

    Schone: What should I do with this free kick?
    *Looks at Toni Kroos*
    Right, let’s do that.

  19. Jose M Gutierrez says:

    Siempre Los Ciclos Terminan aqui y en China decimos en Mexico

  20. Nathan Montoya says:

    Remember Sergio Ramos said real Madrid is bigger than cr7 ??????????

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