Real Madrid 2 – 0 FC Barcelona – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 03/01/2020

Real Madrid 2 – 0 FC Barcelona – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 03/01/2020

Real Madrid fought a hard battle to come victorious in this year’s first #ElClasico.
Vinicius Jr. & Mariano unexpected heroes.

Real Madrid peleó una dura batalla para salir avante del primer clásico del año.
Héroes inesperados: Vinicius Jr. y Mariano.

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100 Responses

  1. imurfuckindaddy says:

    Valverde is on another level, MVP for sure

  2. Edgar el cuh says:

    well at least it wasn’t 0-0 this time

  3. ALo 10 says:

    You guys forgot that epic race between Marcelo and Messi

  4. big ol bum says:

    3:16 what a save

  5. MaD- MullaH says:

    Ramos when he gets home and empties his pocket: keys , wallet, Messi🤣🤣

    • Tidal Gaming says:

      MaD- MullaH Agreed. But Marcelo is getting older, i think mendy is a good replacement in a year or two.

    • Zachariah Rizk says:

      No matter how bad this comment section is, I just reflect on the fact that at least we have Real Madrid and not Liverpool as our rivals.

    • Pablo Garcia says:

      @MaD- MullaH nah I’m a madrid fan but I trust Mendy more than Marcelo, although today his performance was better than usual. He always seems to give me a heart attack when he leaves his position open for the opposing team to just come in through his side and score or create a chance, meanwhile mendy is always alert on his position and if he fucks up he runs to correct his error. Marcelo just lightly jogs and lets Varane or Ramos take his position.

    • Pablo Garcia says:

      @Tidal Gaming agreed

    • Orlando G. says:

      Ramos was shit. Marcelo 👌🏿

  6. Dev Robledo says:

    Real Madrid knew they would suffer without CR7 but Barcelona will die without Messi.

    • Kamaal says:

      I think Barcelona will be a team without Messi, and not one player team.

    • CosmicVoid says:

      Damn it was a quiet 4 or 5 years from Madrid fans not winning a Clasico, and then CR7 leaving, Crickets from Madridistas! 😂😂😂 Enjoy your Clasico victory, I know you haven’t had one in a while 😉

    • GW9 says:

      @CosmicVoid Yeah RM were busy winning 3 UCLs in those years. Probably don’t mind it as much as you’d like to think.

    • Jay Carroll says:

      @GW9 UCL is nice but winning your league is the best , esp LA LIGA.

    • Ivan Aguilar says:

      Messi is there and they still dying slowly

  7. RBS 28 says:

    Vinicius celebrating like Ronaldo 💪🏼🔥

  8. Qwency Valentino says:

    CR7 Thinking To Himself: Look at all those chances I could’ve been finishing , If only I had this at Juve

    • Juan Quiroz says:

      Cr7 loves real madrid he used to talk about how he wanted to retire with them and have his son Cr jr to play for them when he gets older. The main reason he left is because he wasn’t happy with spain, he was constantly having legal issues with the spanish government. If it wasnt for that he would of stay and maybe win 7 more classics and 10 more champions league. Juventus doesnt play as a team with cr7 like real madrid did.

    • Peric Yerima says:

      @insane skilzzz 200 but he averages a goal a game at juve

    • cool franky CR7 says:

      @Rabia Malik stfu

    • J Reyes says:

      AJ5 Gaming I thought Juve bought Cr7 so he could single handedly carry them to win UCL ?

    • Shot Creators says:

      Lmao so real

  9. Rommel James Bautista says:

    the young stars came to play today – lets go vini y fede

  10. Omkar Ghalsasi says:

    “Benzema who peels away from Umtiti like tissue on a toilet roll”. LOL hilarious commentary.

  11. Jogi says:

    89th minute
    Ray Hudson : “Its never over, still time for the little magician to pull the greyhound out of his hat”
    Mariano : “Hold my 2 min debut…”

  12. Stephen A. Smith says:

    4:22 “peels away from Umtiti like tissue on a toilet roll”

    Never in a million years would those words come out of my mouth lmao

  13. Rafael Kazandjis says:

    4:38 Kroos 2 steps ahead of everyone

    • Gossip Heart says:

      @Stacey Fonseca
      Prove me wrong.
      I lived in Italy for 7 years, i know what I’m talking about.
      I had to work 100 times more than your average Italian but that’s still not good enough.

      Pray you don’t experience racism.

      If you think I’m a monkey so be it, why do you have to tell me everyday that I’m a monkey, call my phone to say racist stuff, threaten my 2 year old’s life because he’s got a dark skin color.

      My wife who is 700% never understood how racist or how ignorant her own people are till we got married, a man followed us all the way home just to tell us that he hates us and we should leave Italy.

    • Gossip Heart says:

      @Stacey Fonseca
      Why did you say WTF ?? WTF because i was racially abused but not WTF to the people that abused me ??

      You’re racist, what did i do ?? It’s okay to hate me.

      God bless you.

    • jiabao huang says:

      well deserve assist, he was teaching Vinicius where and when to run for space.

    • Gossip Heart says:

      @Jefrey Lopez
      You called me a stupid bitch ? Why ?
      Because i stood up against racism and bully ?

    • CreatorOfGods says:

      Kroos raised his hand signaling a movement to make that pass and Vinicius made a goal happen after that.

  14. HIKDbig YT says:

    Today When Real Madrid scored… they didn’t lose focus this time. They continued to push forward! That’s what every Madrid Fan want to see! HALA MADRID!

  15. Jahramb E says:

    7:28 saved the wrong type of balls my dude

  16. TheWitness1001 says:

    4:35 Look at the highlights of goal #1, it was Kroos who told Vinicius to run forward towards the goal before he sent him the ball.. An amazing pass and an amazing eye from the German.👍👍👍👏👏👏

  17. Matthew Alfieri says:

    That moment when u realize that Mariano has the same stats as hazard but he’s only played 3 minutes in la Liga

  18. Eat Your Cereal says:

    Vinicius:takes 20 try’s to score a goal.
    Mariano: let me show you how to score in 30 seconds.

  19. derian frutos says:

    Ray Hudon: “Peels away from Umtiti like tissue in a toilet roll”
    Charmin: this MF spittin

  20. Chris G says:

    “Top corner where the spiders live” 😂😂😂😂

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