Real Madrid 3-1 Eibar – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 06/14/20

Real Madrid 3-1 Eibar – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 06/14/20

#RealMadrid #Eibar #LaLiga

Real Madrid returned to winning ways in their LaLiga return with a 3-1 victory over Eibar courtesy of goals from Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo.

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65 Responses

  1. Imxs 17 says:

    He got nutmegged again

  2. Anjunafan says:

    Every team has exposed Courtois’ weakness- ball through those long legs

  3. _ lilj4thewin _ says:

    Terrible me 2nd half performance

    • Zanerane says:

      True but I think they knew they were going to win so they preserved their stamina and fitness. But it was like a training game.

    • TimelessRelic4 says:

      @Zanerane mate there’s 5 subs why would they preserve their stamina

    • Zanerane says:

      TimelessRelic4 they play games every 3 or 4 days. You don’t want to get injured and play the best you can when you are already 3-0 up.

  4. Ticotech Houston says:

    Courtois , LOL

  5. Josh Adame says:

    Hazard was heavily involved in all 3 goals, form is improving

    • Muhammed Messi Bayo says:

      How is he improving 🤔 the season literally just restarted too early of a conclusion

    • Vito Zatikyan says:

      His form was fine from the beginning, Real Madrid just did not give him time to play.

    • Gabriel Padilla says:

      But considering his level that he plays at he should have already been one of the best players in the league

    • Arman Falahati says:

      Ellis Goodson he better go back to chelsea is better for his career. Compared how he was performing there , rn he is nothing

  6. Officer Earl says:

    Hazard is looking good 🔥 also Benzema was making chances and working well him him 👀

  7. Justin Buritica says:

    What other 34 year old center back do you see sprint the full stretch of the field realizing early, even before other attackers that the fast break was on and score a goal. None. Ramos is the best center back in history in terms of versatility and not just defending.

  8. Jean Michel Duval says:

    I’m just happy the games are back 😭😭😭

  9. Alpha Mahdi says:

    4:11-4:12-4:13 … ehhh my guy he can move you know.

  10. MoneyMakinMitch says:

    Hazard benzema 🔥😃

  11. Jessica Scheie says:

    The Virtual Fans are starting to grow on me! At first, I was totally against the idea. I like creativity.

  12. MoeHitEmUp says:

    1:46 u know what would of happened if hazard didnt pass the ball😂

  13. Marcelo is the Best left back says:

    Marcelo took a knee after scoring, legend

    • Cleydson Costa says:

      Why don’t you effing protest police brutality against white people if you are so outraged. It’s not the media hyping anything up, it’s about black people saying enough is enough and taking a stand.

    • Pablo Escobar says:

      Cleydson Costa Thats because everyone’s manipulated into thinking it’s all only against blacks when everyone faces it. It’s just a manipulation tactic so politicians can speak against “injustice” and gain votes. Black people are not being targeted.

    • Marcelo is the Best left back says:

      He clearly took a knee for blm.

    • farninja13 says:

      Pablo Escobar shut the fuck up you clearly have no idea what you are talking about and are completely unaware of what is actually going on around you. no shit people of different races die by police brutality too, that doesnt take away from the fact that black people are systematically targeted and brutalized at a much higher rate than their white peers.

    • Christian Hernandez says:

      @Marcelo is the Best left back He almost always kneels cuz of his religion. This isn’t new

  14. Michael Mato says:

    Everyone talking about Hazard or Benzema but what about Kroos! That dude has got some finesse in those feet! Geez!! Has anyone notice that his range is unbelievable and his touch is so damn precise! I can’t believe we got him of a trade with Bayern using a washed up Xavi Alonso as a bargaining chip lol! Whoever made that must have jumped off a bridge after Kroos goal in the WC and everything he has done for Madrid.

    • fred meiser says:

      Yeah his touch is really incredible. Very important player.

    • Jose P E. says:

      Mostly agree with everything you said except with “washed up Xabi Alonso”. The guy is a Real Madrid and spanish national team legend. Un poco de respeto por favor

    • lemondiesel20ag says:

      First of all we didn’t trade them you dumb asses Toni kroos signed for Madrid for 25m euros and a year later Xavi Alonso left for Bayern. And yes we can believe the shit toni kroos does he’s been world class for 5 years , just so technical but ppl thinks it boring I CALLED IT EFFICIENT

    • Michael Mato says:

      @lemondiesel20ag yes, I know… But do you really think it’s just a coincidence that Xavi Alonso just came in to the club to take the same exact position that Kroos left??? I’m sure both clubs agreed that if one player left, then a second trade must have been needed. The point is that it was a bad trade from bayern and Xavi didn’t even stay or do much in your club.

    • Mariointheglo says:

      My cash app $MarioBLM

  15. Daniel Quezada says:

    I really hope Madrid doesn’t buy Raul Jimenez 😫😫 he is in form and is Mexico’s #9 but I don’t think he will have much with Real. Great game 3 great goals 👌🏽👌🏽

  16. DICER says:

    Hazard Finally realized he had to Improve his Form

  17. Adenike Roseline says:

    Hazard my legend ,I’m glad ur back. u can’t understand the heavy praise I always want to give this man.

    • lemondiesel20ag says:

      He’s a genius I’m so happy he’s on the pitch and building chemistry he’s gonna score some big goals for us for years to come I’m telling you

  18. Tim Tim says:

    Hazard was struggling because at Chelsea, they knew how to play with him and where he would be and what he could do. When he went to Madrid, it seemed like they didn’t know how to use him and kinda shrugged him off . Now that they are clicking, Hazard will be back at top form and will be one of the best players in the world by next season

  19. Firaol Ahmed says:

    Are we just gonna ignore how outstanding Benzema was?

  20. Francisco Barboza says:

    I rather see empty stadiums than the virtual fans nothing like hearing players shouting and the ball touches.

    • espben360 says:

      to watch on TV? the 1st match, then it will get a bit stale. If you were in stadium, then it’s not bad.
      I wish they do the virtual fans more like Bundesliga. this looks like bunch of pixels.

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