Real Madrid DOMINANT in El Clasico win over Barcelona 💪 💯 🔥 | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Real Madrid DOMINANT in El Clasico win over Barcelona 💪 💯 🔥 | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Karim Benzema and Federico Valverde opened the scoring in the first half for Real Madrid en route to a 3-1 win over Barcelona in the first El Clasico edition of the season at the Santiago Bernabeu. Ferran Torres scored a late consolation goal for Barca in the second half before Rodrygo put the game to bed with a penalty.
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36 Responses

  1. DecentRightWinger says:

    Valverde definitely gets MOTM, but Modric and Kroos played so well especially with the buildup and beating the press

  2. Kaitane says:

    Great win and performance from the team. Concentration dropped slightly in the second half, but for the most part it was a well managed game. Great to see Benzema back in form and Rodrygo with his first Clasico goal. Onto the next game.

    • John Wick says:

      @Lilly Canel he stepped on his foot

    • AE 13 says:

      @Lilly Canel you can’t step on somebody whether they have the ball or not. That’s a foul.

    • MiracleWolf says:

      @DayOne i mean it’s very very clear that García stepped on his foot but I’m the one who doesn’t play football ok

    • Jorge Pacheco says:

      He was offsides before he stops or leaves the ball behind or whatever because even he think he might be offside but in doing that he’s offsides and get steeped in and the ref ignores the offsides but gives the penalty which was Rodrygo getting stepped on after he is offsides goofy

  3. Kaitane says:

    Also, shoutout to Valverde and Kroos especially for a tremendous display. That was one of Kroos’ best individual display in the white shirt, he was even more physical and making more challenges than usual.

    • ezpz noob says:

      old but gold

    • calvin miguel says:

      I get what we were trying to do in the 2nd half, but it bothers me that we can never put teams away and just cruise the rest of the game.

      In Madrid fashion, we made it a tighter game than it needed to be in the stretch. But in the end, we still got the 3 points which was the most important thing.

    • Bryan G.H says:

      @Billy L’INTREPIDE I dont think it’s about getting the chance or not, if he wanted to he could. It’s the fact that he retired after the euro, and he also doesn’t know if he wants to continue or retire after his Madrid contract is up

    • Joel Cutinho says:

      Kroos was motm imo

    • Ardi Chico says:

      Barca’s Defense is Garbage !!!!!! Best Money Can Buy !!!!!!💰💰💰💰💰💰

  4. Emmanuel Zarate says:

    That goal from Valverde is beautiful!!!

  5. Max Wick says:

    Real Madrid were absolutely great today! Deserved win. Barca looked lost most of the time except the last 10 minutes.

    • Max Wick says:

      @Jose A I get you my man. I did not see the match against inter. All I’m saying is he hit the boots with the studs, so that seems like a pen. Maybe I’m wrong but I think the pen was right.

    • Jose A says:

      @safue its hard to especially when this season matters the most for us. Realistically i know this barca squad won’t really come into good form until next season if we can stick with xavi. I’ve also slowly been losing faith in xavi tho, his win rate is only 50% and lately he can only manage draws at best against big teams. Injuries shouldn’t slow this team down, we have considerable depth even if we lack some talent in the back line xavi should be able to make it work.

    • safue says:

      @Jose A Just let it go there is nothing we can do about the terrible refs but move on.

    • Jose A says:

      @Max Wick not a single Madrid player complained for a pen, nobody stopped the play except VAR, it wasn’t a clear and obvious error. We were robbed of another pen earlier in the game just like with Inter, even the espn commentators agreed.

    • AD says:

      @LeoAnzoTV go cry 🤡

  6. This Is Boxing says:

    It’s been over a decade for me and these games still get me up to watch this sport

  7. Daniel Ramirez says:

    Dani Carvajal’s contributions are underrated. He was the seed for so much momentum.

  8. GTK says:

    Madrid was really good, Fati changed the game especially in the last 10 minutes, still don’t get why he didn’t start, him and Kessie, once again Xavi has cost us another match but props to Madrid, they made us pay for All the spaces we left in defense

    • Jose A says:

      Xavi needs to start adapting a main system to replace búsquets. He is such a liability in big games, makes so many dumb mistakes that typically lead to scoring opportunities.

    • Jorge Herrera says:

      My best guess is because he is still recovering from his injury and they don’t want to risk him getting injured again.

  9. sergiojrguerra says:

    Kroos played a perfect game, I hope once he retires he’ll get the recognition he truly deserves. Top 5 midfielder in the world currently and one of the best of all time.

  10. Allan G says:

    I loved how Vinicius naturally felt like kicking the ball in a second time after the Valverde goal.😂

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