Real Madrid vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 4/10/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Real Madrid vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 4/10/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Atletico Madrid were usurped at the summit of LaLiga by Real Madrid after Zinedine Zidane’s men edged a pulsating El Clasico.
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59 Responses

  1. rev says:

    Props to Madrid, once again their midfield has demonstrated why they’re one of the best in Europe.

  2. Mohammadarshad Sharifi says:

    Fun fact: Messi never scored in an El Classico game after Ronaldo left Real Madrid.

    • Na ai Na says:

      @Melvin Aslanian stfu. I dont know what stinks more you or juve fans but ok u smelly jitt

    • SkyZone says:

      @Walid Shahin Give me a Real Madrid player who scored a hat rick on Barca? No one. Messi scored a hat trick two times on Real Madrid.

    • Walid Shahin says:

      @SkyZone that’s like me saying Ronaldo has scored the most hatricks out of any player like who tf cares it’s a solo award we care about the ucl wins league wins the trophies that show the best team players

    • Blnkz says:

      @R madrid NYC lmao copa del rey knocked out by 3rd division team. League leaders by 1 point. pussy Madrid president paid for bad side of bracket in CL. Madrid finished club in my book

    • SkyZone says:

      @Walid Shahin Its not gonna happen because there is no team that is better than PSG or Bayren Munich.

  3. wearemadrid says:

    The first goal showed why Valverde is so good. The opponents don’t know how to defend him. So underrated.

  4. Ivan Morales says:

    I swear ray hudson only goes wild when Messi scores

  5. pezs2011 says:

    Can anyone imagine roy’s huge scream of Messi would’ve hit a back heel like Benzema? 😂

  6. wearemadrid says:

    Credit to Zidane for exploiting barcas wide areas, Madrid took advantage of Jordi alba and dest being so high up

  7. Ed Rs says:

    Toni Kroos so good that he can assist opposition players to score for Real Madrid.

  8. Alvin Melancon says:

    People need to give zidane his props as a manager he produced good tactics

    • Real 22 says:

      @NaughtypatrickYt hi bro it does not take a genius to see that some Real Madrid players were tired and they wanted to conserve energy because they have such a tough end of the season coming up. Barcelona was rested while Real Madrid will have a game on wed then at the weekend and then another four or five days later. Mind you they had a game four days earlier. They will not get much rest otherwise Real Madrid style is not parking the bus as you know.

    • Yolo Master says:

      @ARVoT edA and wtf r u supposed to be? A bot?

    • Yolo Master says:

      @I can’t think of a creative name he’s not crying dumb a$$ he’s saying what we all saw on the pitch and I think we can all agree

    • ayush shrestha says:

      Big Barcelona fan but he is the best tactical coach in the world ,, no question at all

    • I can’t think of a creative name says:

      @Yolo Master ok

  9. natsu dragneel says:

    As a Barca fan I can say this that first goal was a banger

  10. Royalty Exotic Cars says:

    Anyone watch the game and notice Messi shivering 🥶

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