Real Madrid vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Extended Highlights | UEFA Super Cup | CBS Sports Golazo

Real Madrid vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Extended Highlights | UEFA Super Cup | CBS Sports Golazo

Champions League winners Real Madrid take on Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Super Cup.

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47 Responses

  1. A S says:

    Vinicius’ finishing seems more improved. Unlucky not to score today.

    • Vihan Subramaniam says:

      @Csokops “appaling” I watched the entire match and he hardly made any mistakes

    • GOD IS GREAT says:

      Vinicius jr is the best player in the world 🌎. PERIOD!

    • A S says:

      @Marc Ba bro just stop. Never missed a Madrid game in a decade. Vini is improving but his finishing is no where close to other young players like Haaland and Mbappe. As soon as he can get 99 shooting, he’ll be the best player in the world by a mile.

    • Carlos Rodriguez says:

      @Csokops he was dangerous the entire game. Frankfurt couldn’t stop him without fouling him.

  2. Kaitane says:

    Great way to start the season. Congrats to Benzema for becoming Real Madrid’s 2nd all time top-scorer and lifting his first trophy as the club’s captain 🏆. Onto the first game of La Liga.

  3. your average talking dog says:

    I’m extremely excited for this Real Madrid team this season. This is gonna be a legendary era…

    • Christian Take Your Dad Fishing says:

      @Yo Yo Agree.

    • Good to go says:

      @Christian Take Your Dad Fishing So your telling me the worst team and luck got them to beat Chelsea, ManCity, and Liverpool? Like 5 games of luck in a row against the world’s best teams? If you get 100% on your test 5 times in a row, do you call that luck or skill?

    • Yo Yo says:

      @Christian Take Your Dad Fishing they weren’t the best team to win but they have that championship mentality of not giving up and fighting till the end

    • Carlos Herrera says:

      @Christian Take Your Dad Fishing Welcome to Sports. If you can’t take it gtfo.

  4. Kweku Duncan says:

    Respect to Benzema. To keep your spot as a first team striker for RM for 13 years is a sporting lifetime achievement. Give this man the Ballon D’or

  5. jose Padilla says:

    As a Frankfurt fan, congrats on the win Madrid

  6. Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner says:

    I miss real Madrids’ 21/22 kit. The indigo adidas stripes and the gold collar was just something else. The way the colors matched the badge was so satisfying.

    • Enoxificatti says:

      I really disliked last seasons kit. It looked cheap to me. This one is way better.

    • IamBrunoX100 says:

      yeah last year’s was incredible. I bought it as soon as I saw it last year, but I haven’t bought this year’s yet.

    • Cameron Walker says:

      yea you trippin on this one. This seasons kit is the best it’s been in a few seasons. I liked last years too but the home & away kit is better by far.

    • Paolo says:

      these r fresh the only thing that kills them for me are the numbers in the back. dont match the kit at all

    • Thee Elite says:

      @R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu nope the 2020 is the best of the century follows by 2015 and 2018 respectively

  7. Plugged by J says:

    Vini – Rodrygo – Valverde frontline seems DEADLY, on paper. We all know Rodrygo is a goal scorer, we don’t know how he will score, BUT HE WILL! Fede has amazing passes, and crosses, Vini is Vini. This front line has to be tested.

  8. Carrie Kira says:

    English commentary is such a snooze fest. I didn’t even realize they scored 🥱

  9. Smooth operator says:

    So crazy seeing BENZEMA shine! I always liked him and always thought he was good when people didn’t. balon d or coming up

  10. Stan Smith says:

    *All these teams with completely new lineups and new signings meanwhile Real Madrid still winning championships with the same squad. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it*

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