Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

What is it about Madrid and this competition? Missing a couple of key players, no problem. They outclassed Liverpool from start to finish and truth be told they could take more than their 3-1 advantage to Anfield next week, such was the gulf in class between the sides. Brilliant, brilliant work from Zidane and his boys.

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55 Responses

  1. Cristian Barrera says:

    The fact that we managed to get them 0 shots in the first half without Ramos or Varane

    • Faizan Khan. says:

      lol we never saw you playing on the field.

    • Juice Bx says:

      @Abdallah Helmy messi would start the play in the position of Busquets and end up in front of keepers
      Lewandowski deserves a balon d’or for that goal scoring season
      And the yr before that it was actually arguable
      Still difficult though since Messi deserves an extra one imo

    • steven orellana says:

      @Sultaniempire I don’t think y’all played tho

    • Sultaniempire says:

      @steven orellana Doesn’t fucking matter. We are real madrid fans we are real madrid if real madrid had no fans they wouldn’t be real madrid!!

    • steven orellana says:

      @Sultaniempire i mean it kinda does, cuz it’s not like u put the effort in games and it would be real madrid except it wouldn’t be the one we like

  2. stwx says:

    Even Vini himself was surprised he scored

  3. Hamza_7 says:

    Can we all just take a moment and appreciate that amazing assist from Kroos

    • sonandtwins says:

      TAA’s assist for the 2nd goal is the best. From a LFC fan with sorrow.

    • Daniel Lifshaz says:

      @Jireh Dobgima training grounds, barnabeu under cunstruction

    • Asap J says:

      @RAYÁNO that wasn’t salahs first epl season tho he played in Chelsea before

    • James Ebola says:

      It was amazing…but Vini’s control and goal was even better…

    • James Ebola says:

      @Derrek Trematore Good point. They have the best offensive players which are useless without good midfield player(s) passing them usable balls. J.K. is not a good coach if he can’t see something obvious to even a blind person.

  4. Patton Liu says:

    Real Madrid and Liverpool really took it seriously when they said rematch for the 2018 final 😂

  5. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    I feel like Allison doesn’t care when they score 😂 he just drinks his water

  6. TheNR123 says:

    Real Madrid : Scores

    Allison : Finally a water break

  7. JemZ says:

    This is the Vinicius Jr. we know he can be. If he can keep finishing chances as he did today, he will be an incredibly tough player to stop.

  8. Chelseafc House says:

    Alison finally outdid himself with that moustache. It’s like drawing a line on a baby’s chin

  9. Kratos of Sparta says:

    Allison Becker looking like he’s just teleported from the 70s

  10. Losblancos TV says:

    I was finally able to relax and enjoy it… THANK YOU Real Madrid

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