Real Madrid vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Real Madrid vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

The first leg of Real Madrid vs. Manchester City was an instant classic. Will the scintillating Karim Benzema and Real Madrid overcome their 4-3 deficit?

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48 Responses

  1. Royalty Rebuilds says:

    This is why you play until the final whistle! Absolutely WOW!! HALA MADRID

    • Johnny R says:

      @Av the Artist clean tackle all ball pero asi asi asi gana el madrid. I wouldve respected the victory otherwise.

    • Av the Artist says:

      @Johnny R facts 😂 Madrid fans and obviously city haters they know benzema threw himself they always looking for penalties 😂

    • Av the Artist says:

      @Feeder Mike the game it self was great but that penalty obviously there’s contact my point is that benzema barely got touched but it had everything they needed to make call it right same fault was committed to the city LB and it was aggressive than that they didn’t even check even the var would’ve been clear they should’ve went to penalties Real Madrid can’t lie on this the team rely on faults(penalties) is easy to get touched and fall & cry about it

    • Johnny R says:

      If youre madrid you play until the ref gifts a penalty

    • Av the Artist says:

      @Ethan Jaworski nah bruh benzema knew how to make it seem like it was minutes later same fault was committed by Madrid on man city LB they didn’t check difference they didn’t complain like btches

  2. Lucas Camarasa says:

    Camavinga is a criminally underrated youngster. He just changed the entire game against PSG, Chelsea, and Man City. Golden Boy

    • Jose Bahena says:

      @dmvangel23 _ you’re comparing two players that play the “same” positions but completely different roles. At the moment I would agree Pedri has the higher ceiling.

    • Dave Johnson says:

      @Jose Bahena Facts!!!

    • Jose Bahena says:

      @Tong Xiong He will get there. He is only like 19 give him a year or two.

    • Jose Bahena says:

      I don’t think people see him as underrated otherwise he would not be in Madrid. Its hard to break into that mid field with Modric, Casemiro, and Kroos, but he definitely going to be the future of that midfield.

    • Dave Johnson says:

      @BIG Coaching is a big part

  3. LIL PUMP says:

    One of the best games ever. Kinda slow at times, but the drama and suspense on the final minutes of regular time were pure excitement.

  4. William Juniour says:

    This match will go down in history for being an unforgettable two leg semi final, it truly shows that no match is decided until it’s very end and for people to never lose hope even under the worst odds, truly an amazing match.

  5. Aaron Vilchis says:

    3 goals in 5 minutes .. wow! Chills ran down my spine after the the second goal!

    • abused fatty says:

      @What De Heck that’s not fair to say man city choked. They still created chances all game long. Courtoise was having a brilliant game and grealish was super unlucky with his shots taking deflections and hitting the post. He and foden both hit the frame and narrowly missed shots. That surge from real Madrid was unreal, camavinga and rodrygo played like mad men.

    • What De Heck says:

      Not quite 3 in 5 min…. had a break in there for the last goal but yeah.. MC choked

    • David Orozco says:

      Fr’s man. That second goal reminded a bit of the “corner taken quickly” even tho obviously it wasn’t a corner. It just happened out of no where was not Expecting it. On to Paris for the #14🏆 HALA Madrid!!

  6. Li Jiang says:

    What a game!!Especially when you are watching as a neutral. Pure brilliance of football and the mentality of the game.

    • Contenido universal SV says:

      @Sipho Real Madrid scored more goals than all of them and that’s why we are in the final period.

    • Contenido universal SV says:

      @Sipho wow! You honestly think that by scoring 6 goals against Manchester city you are still fortunate? Please have some common sense.

    • abused fatty says:

      @Sipho but they did. They went out and earned their wins. They are a wicked good team.

    • fwkz says:

      @Sipho You’re not a neutral, you’re a casual.
      You don’t win by deserving to win and much less by being superior on paper, you win by scoring more goals than the opposing team and Real Madrid did just that. You’re just salty

    • Me is to Good says:

      Yay it sucks cause I bet money on this game 😬😬

  7. LeoAngel67 says:

    As a Barca fan, congrats to RMA on reaching to the final and playing till the last minute. What a save from Mendy! Best champions league semis in awhile. I love this sport!

  8. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    The fact that benzema had his worst season ever when Ronaldo was there he would hit woodwork a lot, and courtouis had a rough first season to now being undoubtedly the two best in form in the world


      May I also say that with PSG, Ibra and Cavani never worked out. Cavani, in the Champions League would crumble. As soon as Ibra left (who I’m a huge fan of), Cavani took over and turned into a beast. A part of team success is down to chemistry!! This is why I do believe Liverpool will win Champions, and possibly the EPL (if Man City slips up).

    • Ricardo Rodriguez says:

      @ESKIMO like I said benzema has always been, that’s why he was the best striker for years before lewandowski kept stealing the headlights, it’s just benzema had a bad season but now no one can even touch him

    • ESKIMO says:

      @Ricardo Rodriguez In my opinion Benzema was always world class…I remember when Benitez was coach and played the squad to Benzemas strengths he was scoring goals non stop..but we all know Ronaldo and a couple of other players wanted Benitez out because of the style of play. It was clear Benzema had to play for Ronaldo…and for good reason

    • Temich says:

      @J Bo benzema is on his prime he reached it late but he is dangerous

    • Ricardo Rodriguez says:

      @J Bo I’m not saying he wasn’t class, but he had a season in which he kept missing over and over all season long, don’t get me wrong benzema has always been one of my favorites, he was even trolled by the media before on how much he would miss but he’s world class

  9. nathan tant says:

    Carlos, “ we are down by 2 goals, pulls off the entire midfield and replaced them with strikers”. 3 goals later…..legit tactic.

  10. XLRAshon says:

    Freaking goosebumps! Instant classic!!!!

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