Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 4 – HORROR EDITION! | Thomas Sanders

Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 4 – HORROR EDITION! | Thomas Sanders

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Tis the season to delve into everything scary, and that includes HORROR ANIME! Once again, I team up once again with Dominic to challenge my knowledge of scary anime, deciding which ones actually exist and which ones are complete phonies that YOU wrote into us! All of you made this challenge incredibly tough AND enlightening!! Hope you enjoy!!

Thank you to Dominic for helping out with this video!! Your anime and cosplay expertise was very much appreciated!!!

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Thank you also to the outstanding Drew Gooden, for the editing of this video, as well as the thumbnail!!

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19 Responses

  1. 502wkt says:

    Sooky Lola’s one about nightmares sounds like18if, excet 18if has a male protag

  2. Adrien Dix says:

    I’m living for Thomas’s nipples…thank you Thomas

  3. bill smith says:

    Kid gets killed but is revived as a devil by this woman and is give the power of the red dragon (High School DXD)

  4. Mysterious Saiyan says:

    Thomas are you gay

  5. L says:

    You have a very sexy evil laugh… Please do it more.

  6. LeaLikesIcecream says:

    For a second I thought the second was gonna be a joke about Card Captor Sakura ;D

  7. Shannon Britton says:

    The original yugioh season zero is definitely classed as a horror anime

  8. Raven says:

    How have u not seen Tokyo Ghoul!!!!??

  9. Lucienne Carroll says:

    omfg!!! He’s JOSEPH!! I LOVE IT!!

  10. JJLewy 12 says:


  11. KitKat Corn says:

    MY NAME IS SCARLETT AND I THOUGHT AT 9:16 he was talking to me and I wus like wait I-I didn’t write that

  12. Chastity Strange says:

    Danganronpa is soooo good!!! Watch someone play the first game before watching the animation!

  13. Black60Dragon says:

    11:33 “I can totally see that being real or fake”


  14. Eventspredetermined says:

    Regarding yugioh, please read the manga, and please watch season 0. You will understand just how horror-like this series can be

  15. Music Mermaid says:

    This was posted on my birthday 😄😄😄

  16. panda playee says:

    “why live in a house with a basement, ever?”
    my room is literally in the basement and that’s where i am atm

  17. I-Am-A-Fangirl Be_Afraid says:

    I knew TG right off the bat, it’s one of my favorite animes. I’m surprised no one mentioned Psycho-Pass or Elefenlied (I forgot how to spell it😅)

  18. Sasuke_ 9001 says:

    The devil is a part-timer is one of my favorite animes

  19. Taco Queen says:

    ‘Are you ready to get dark’ 
    Me: *flash backs to Who Killed Markiplier* 
    Me: *cries* please… no

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