Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 5 – ACTION/ADVENTURE EDITION! | Thomas Sanders

Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 5 – ACTION/ADVENTURE EDITION! | Thomas Sanders

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This time around we explore a genre of anime that’s nearest and dearest to my heart: ACTION & ADVENTURE! Dominic comes by again to help challenge my knowledge of thrilling anime, deciding which ones actually exist and which ones are complete phonies that YOU wrote into us! All of you made this challenge incredibly tough AND enlightening!! Hope you enjoy!!

Thank you to Dominic for helping out with this video!! Your anime and lack of judgment on my drawings was very much appreciated!!!

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Thank you also to the outstanding Drew Gooden, for the editing of this video, as well as the thumbnail!!

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Credit to Joan for creating the Real or Fake Anime game series!

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70 Responses

  1. Jp_ 101 says:


    A man has to become a wisard in a year but it is thrown off and he trained for 30 days. He has to fight monsters from space and distroy the sword of fait to save the world

  2. Michelle F says:


  3. Jay Jay cookies says:

    I’m waiting for someone to do Voltron

    • Flower Ghost says:

      It isn’t a anime though… it’s a cartoon, because it’s American. I love it though and Thomas and everyone else should watch it

    • Chibi Gikochin says:

      Voltron legendary defender is a cartoon but it’s a reboot of Voltron Defenders of the universe which is the dub name of an anime from the 80s, Beast King Golion. It also uses some of another anime the dubbing company had rights to called dairuga.

  4. OtakuGirl1234 * says:

    Teenage girl is class president of a MOSTLY all boys school very poor, hot stalker guy follows her around, she is VERY STRONG and gets angry VERY easily aaaaannnd secretly works at a maid café


  5. crazycatgirl18 says:

    Is he going gray or is that the lighting?

  6. Madeline F says:

    pro tip: the most annoying sound ever in black clover is just the voice actor literally screaming every line in the most annoying way possible. do not recommend

  7. Kristorys says:

    Oh man erased Gave me feels

  8. Hidden Poet11 says:

    No. 6… could be gayer

  9. Fuzzy Pop says:

    Did anyone else think of bokuto when they mentioned owl boy

  10. Bi Emo Tomboy says:

    A flying blue talking cat has to join a blonde haired girl and a pink haired guy. In a world of magic will he gain the love of another flying cat? There are at least 500 episodes…( Fairy tail)

  11. Olivia J-L says:

    So I was watching a Brandon Rogers video and after it recommended me this since I’m always watching Thomas. Then I wondered, what if they made a video together? That would be so….idek 😂 they’re almost completely opposite lol *mindblown*

  12. Lily XXX says:

    #TSRealAnime Bonobono, a young sea otter, bonds with Chipmunk, Fishing Cat and other friendly woodland creatures. In between the gags, this unique series deals with philosophically nuanced questions such as, “What is life?” title: BonoBono

  13. Lucie Chumchalová says:

    Dominic looks dead inside

  14. LeeandLie says:

    Me: That’s pretty close, actually

  15. Animelover 267 says:

    WATCH ERASED!!!! IT’S A MURDER MYSTERY AND HANDS DOWN THE BEST VISUAL ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! The attention to detail! The way their fingers and nose turn slightly red in the cold! The flow of blood! THE TIME TRAVEL!!!! WATCH IT XD XD XD

  16. Melia Stamps says:

    I love that he says “wizard king” like Roman

    • sanity's quota says:

      You see a lot of Roman and Patton in this video. You really see Virgil and Logan react to the cat anime plot. Around 9:55 his eyes just go dead like ‘Are you flipping kidding me?’

  17. Maria A. says:

    Thomas looks great in all-black outfits♥

  18. One happy Girl says:

    Wait wait wait that hat…

  19. Nadyah Auliah says:

    Two boys known as terrorists meet a girl who ran away from home. The boys plant bombs all around Japan and make the police have a goose chase, in the end not meaning for the bombs to actually explode.

    (Terror In Resonance)

  20. lisa cornelissen says:

    8:43 Thomas impression of CrankThatFrank

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