Real or Fake: GOP Women | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Real or Fake: GOP Women | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

And now, an extra special Real or Fake with two GOP women whose votes Donald Trump did not manage to grab by the pussy.

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20 Responses

  1. Shankar Sivarajan says:

    It’s spelled “Trumpettes”!

  2. Joseph Murray says:

    Sadly, even the ‘fake’ ones sound very realistic; bet *somebody* has said

  3. waiohwai_x says:

    Tbh I feel like I would want to call myself a republican just to own
    ‘republic*nt’ because I think that’s amazing.

  4. Cid333 says:

    You could tell which ones were fake because they were somewhat clever and
    spelled correctly.

  5. NeoSeraphi says:

    Special reminder that one of Sam’s writers just got paid to come up with

  6. rurutu M says:

    give these ladies a hug and a puppy

  7. Brian Kenney says:

    Killary and the republicunts is my new band name

  8. AA F. says:

    s/o top those two women! it’s gotta be hard to be voting against your own
    party. I respect that.

  9. Marc Norton says:

    “Is that her maiden name?”

  10. Erica Bourland says:

    these ladies are hilarious, I hope we see more of them on the full episode

  11. Jeremy “Shadowbird712” Keil says:

    Honestly, it should disturb us all that /any/ of these were real tweets
    sent by actual people.

  12. Thisold Hatte says:

    I’ve always thought Hillary would make an excellent Republican candidate
    for President.

  13. Matthew Stasoff says:

    These women are hilarious. Great sense of humour.

  14. robert georg says:

    How does one “piss up a rope”?

  15. CrzyLion says:

    Waw, educated republicans… where have they been hiding this election?

  16. Ted LeMoine says:

    I love it, all women will be forced to have abortions under Hillary. So
    with Trump there will be mandatory filing of bankruptcies while popping tic
    tacs and forcing yourself on all unsuspecting women. Afterwards all your
    clothes must be bought in China and mandatory fences built around your
    yards to keep the Mexican neighbors out. This must also be done in zones
    that aren’t gun free while using coal and no renewable sources of energy.
    Finally every 10 years you need a new wife from a different country and
    continue to insult all minorities at 3am on social media while you’re
    living this lifestyle. And as always Make America White Again

  17. Ben Grosz says:

    I have learned to respect Republicans a lot during this election cycle.
    Only the ones who are not voting for Trump. I now don’t care if you vote
    for a person I think is only moderately bad for the country like mitt
    Romney, so long as we can agree that Trump is everything bad about America.
    I promise to no longer criticize more moderate future Republican candidates
    too harshly if we defeat Trump this one time.

  18. Brandon Wei says:

    There are some really evil people out on the Internet.

  19. Brady Snyder says:

    “Killary and the Republicunts” is a stellar band name.

  20. Tal Moore says:

    Being a Republican woman is like being a Black Confederate soldier.