Real Sociedad 1-2 Real Madrid – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/21/2020

Real Sociedad 1-2 Real Madrid – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/21/2020

#RealSociedad #RealMadrid #Laliga

Real Madrid climbed above Barcelona at the top of LaLiga as second-half goals from Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema clinched a 2-1 win over Real Sociedad.

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93 Responses

  1. Screw Up says:


    • Lucas 47 says:

      Benzemas goal was valid. It touched his shoulder and that’s allowed. the penalty I can agree with but Monreal grabbed the shirt so I guess that’s why. And the goal that was invalid for Valencia happened to Madrid last year vs celta when modric shot and varane was offside so that’s the rules

    • Sevian Medina says:

      Lucas 47 It touched his arm and Courtai was already diving he in no way was distracted by the player

    • Mehrad Bagher-Ebadian says:

      @Sevian Medina get your eyes checked, it was the shoulder. End of discussion.

    • Sevian Medina says:

      Mehrad Bagher-Ebadian Shut the fuck up it was a handball you dumbass if your head wasn’t so stuck if Zidane’s ass maybe you’d see it

  2. Dirty Dan says:

    Tough game as it always is with La Real. Hopefully the injury with Ramos isn’t that serious. On to the next game.

  3. Dirty Dan says:

    Vinicius with a masterclass performance today. Always running at players and creating chances. And he’s a speeding bullet as well.

  4. Dirty Dan says:

    That 6 minutes extra time at the end lasted about half my lifetime

  5. Dirty Dan says:

    Congrats to RAMOS on being the top scoring defender ever in La liga. With only 12 goals (out of 68) coming from penalties. He beat Koeman who had 67 goals. 🔥🔥

  6. SonicHuboSquid says:

    This lineup confused me. I would put hazard and Vinicius at the wings. Real Madrid did well this game and hopefully they win la liga! HALA MADRID

  7. A Rustamov says:

    bad performance from Madrid they could do much better job

  8. Justin Buritica says:

    Interested to see the lineup next game with Casemiro suspended. I know one thing, Valverde is about to put in a full shift.

  9. Roidar RMCF says:

    Ramos become La liga first defender with the most goal in HISTORY 😍.

  10. Roidar RMCF says:

    It was difficult because hazard was in the bench but Vinicius still creat alot of chance 😍.

  11. Jrmjuve10 says:

    The Real Sociedad keeper was looking like a father letting his 3 year old son score on him on that Benzema goal. Happy fathers day

  12. Jeet Sonwani says:

    With all due respect to James, I really love him as a player but he didn’t bring anything significant in the attack. I was thinking if it would have been Hazard what the outcome of the game would be.

    • Jeet Sonwani says:

      @SALVATRUCHA 816 That’s true that Madrid was slacking off in the last 15 minutes but honestly he was not good as a winger. I mean he was always moving the ball back and whenever Vinicius tried to make the run he would just not kick the ball across. Something that I noticed that was happening during the game.

    • Joban Nijjar says:

      I feel hazard brings more attacking creativity as you saw from past 2 games

    • Evander Ramirez says:

      James ain’t a winger more of a attacking mid or outside mid. Real should change lineup if they wanna use him they should use him more

    • Lord Brain says:

      Zidane should have played him as a CAM instead of playing him at RW

    • Chris Gallego says:

      Keeping possession is important isn’t it? That’s what James does in games. He played great I’m happy for him. Hala Madrid!

  13. Nathan Perry says:

    What was wrong with Sociedad’s first Goal? Actually I know, it was scored against Madrid.

    • Kevin Isidro says:

      Blocking since when does that exist in soccer ?! I’m a Real Madrid fan but that looked like a legit goal to me unless the offside player did touch the ball ?

    • Mohamed Ballout says:

      same happened with madrid vs ajax, but there justice was served in the second leg. Ajax fucked Real madrid up.

    • Al says:

      @Mohamed Ballout no, Ajax player was touching the goal keeper in that game. It was an interference. But in this game the player was at least 22 feet away from Courtois. How in the world did he intervene in that goal is a mystery to me. Maybe the referee thought Courtois has 20 degrees vision span or something!

    • Nathan Perry says:

      @Abdus Samad Farooqi Well I guess we’
      re going to just have to agree to disagree. I think we both have our set opinions.

    • Realmadridman24 says:

      Evander Ramirez the player was obstructing tibos view while being on an offside position therefore interfering with the play hence he’s offside this is not a new rule

  14. Nathan Perry says:

    Anyone who has seen Barca vs Athletic Club and saw the penalty that was denied, and then sees this…….rigged.

  15. Eric Orozco says:

    Do we really think if RM would have a goal like that disallowed

    • rishab pandit says:

      @Jas Rehal pity for what? The fact that there was injustice? Trust me if it were the other way around you would have felt the same damn way except name-calling us with insults. Like I said, the calls were bad this game that’s about it. Not trying to play any side. If you think that has nothing to do with the outcome of only this game, your just pretty deluded mate.

    • Raymond Olivarez says:

      Chill it’s just a game lols. It’s ok Barca fan calm down bud every team has a red in their favor stop the 🧢

    • crispy rock says:

      Ye boi Donald day that to the other guy as well then. Double standards

    • Wisdom Joannes-Erhue says:

      @LJ Ad and Messi got rugby tackled and the player didn’t get a yellow so what’s your point

    • Kaitane says:

      @Eric Orozco, Modric had a similar one vs Celta Vigo. Was ruled off cuz they deemed Varane also blocked keeper line of sight.

  16. Nathan Perry says:

    When Barca face Atletico in Supercopa de Espana and Messi receives a ball like Benzema, (but then again, nobody can do it quite like Messi) VAR don’t allow the goal. But in this case, it’s Madrid scoring so…….

    • LJ Ad says:

      We really don’t care if the barca ref didn’t do a great job. Your reflexion is biased because we are not comparing anything. In this case we will give points to Real Madrid when barca takes advantage of bad ref decisions ? (and it’s not a bad ref decision for benzema’s goal) The question is: is it a goal or not? And with the rules it’s a goal that’s it that’s all.

    • Nathan Perry says:

      @LJ Ad Not comparing anything? I think you missed the whole point of my comment. I was comparing benzema’s goal to Messi’s goal, which both were very similar, but Messi’s was denied, and benzema’s allowed. If you watch both of them, I think that you can understand.

    • AkuaWerty says:

      @Chilito0326 so did you check PSG or Stanford Bridge?

    • xd Sagii says:

      @Chewy Suarez 🤡

    • Hashir1308 says:

      Its cause papa perez pays the refs to help vardrid

  17. Javier Felix says:

    “Y el putazo por arriba del travesaño”😂👌

  18. Nathan Perry says:

    I love how there’s like no sociedad fans in the comment section. It’s just Barca and Madrid fans having a huge argument about VAR

  19. Doug 7RM says:

    The day Vinicius learns how to finish…….

  20. El cholo Juan says:

    Who else say Marcelo just walk away while Sergio Ramos was taking the penalty

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