Real Sociedad vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 3/21/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 3/21/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Messi and Dest steal the limelight on Griezmann and Koeman’s birthdays in a merciless win at the Reale Arena.

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60 Responses

  1. Barcelona Golden state says:

    THIS is the real fc barcalona 🙌🏾

    • Chief Obvious says:

      @Kunal Bakre Well, I’m just going to hope.

    • Bryant S says:

      @Kelvin Adu BaRcElOnA aRe LoSinG Give me what youre smoking

    • King for a Day says:

      I wanna see the shit storm that happens here after the game…

    • El carnicero Xd :v says:

      @Kunal Bakre now say that without crying 🤣🤣🤣 I hate when VARcelona fans keep crying with this “ReFeReEs HeLP yOu” or “you don’t deserve to be in champions” Mann just shut the hell up y’all say the same things keep crying LMFAOO 🤣🤦🏽

    • whyislifehard says:

      @Hålå Madrid Family u be commenting everywhere on this video, seems like fan behavior😂😂

  2. Weezy Cheezyy says:

    We scored more goals this game than hazards entire Madrid career

  3. Frenkie De Goat says:

    Alba is the most underrated LB in history, been consistent for years

  4. danlau99 says:

    Koeman rediscovering the Johan Cruyff system. ❤💙

  5. Anonymous says:

    messi, busquets and alba showing that age doesn’t matter. they’re still world class🤩

    • mypearltube says:

      I mean against r sociedad even pique is a rockstar. But when it counts against top teams… Keep dreaming.

    • Probably Stoned says:

      @mypearltube someone’s mad. Yet madrid couldn’t even win sociedad 1-1

    • mypearltube says:

      @Probably Stoned maybe but am I wrong? How well did they do in champions? I dont care about any particular team but about how easily people get manipulated by the media. Marketing is a thing.

      Read this thread, most are commenting on the lines of the big band has returned and all, it was just a win against r sociedad and barca played awfully bad the first half. It was only after the first goal when spaces got opened that they got better by a bit, not by much. The first goal came with a bit of fortune too when r sociedad was playing slightly better. And now barca is suddenly an amazing team?

      Anyway this is the internet after all so I guess I am wrong indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      @mypearltube why you put pique into the conversation?😂 this new system fits the players perfectly and they’re showing that. sociedad aren’t just any team also. they’re good enough to not lose against madrid this season in both games. stay mad😂

    • Katie Lambeth says:

      @Barcelona Golden state m,, v

  6. Yolo Master says:

    I am truly surprised and impressed. The players scoring exquisite goals, humiliating teams, Koeman improving too. Surely this is the true Barcelona we all know.

    • Visça El Barça says:

      @Justin Xu oh I thought you were clumping me with the others, and those are just the kids who started supporting Barca a couple of years ago, the true fans are the ones to be proud or ashamed of.

    • Fidel Ramirez-Lemus says:

      @VIII lol

    • Fidel Ramirez-Lemus says:

      imagine not getting sarcasm 🤡

    • Koko Skenderbeu says:

      Yes, true, Barca kill small teams. Bigger teams? Ask Atletico, Juventus, Roma, Liverpool, Bayern, PSG. The answer is written in Champions League book.

    • BOB SAGGET says:

      We are getting there for sure but there’s still a bit more work to be done on the defensive side. When we come across a team like PSG they should only ever score 2 maybe 3 goals max. We need to be ready for strong offensive teams.

  7. PrometheusTV says:

    For 10 years we couldn’t win at this stadium, now we’ve just smashed them 6-1.

  8. alivia chaudhuri says:

    The way the barca team celebrates goals if u don’t watch the goal u can’t tell who scored

  9. Jorginho Car says:

    “passing is a technically transmitted disease…” Roy Hudson should write a picture book with his quotes.

  10. FM Productions says:

    Bruh as a football fan seeing this Barcelona is so relieving. Football is not football without the Spanish pillars

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