Real Things Said in Classrooms Pt. 26

Real Things Said in Classrooms Pt. 26

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54 Responses

  1. Xxxleafy_tEaxxX says:

    “Oh we sold our beds!”
    Me: *chooses to sleep on couch*

  2. jon R says:

    You know that teacher is thinking, where did I put that # for CPS at.

    • Julie Kennedy says:

      @MaMa LaTTy This was sent to her from another teacher as a convo that happened in their classroom. So, yes—she finds it amusing because she didn’t experience it. But, yes, the actual teacher involved would have contacted CPS.

    • Julie Kennedy says:

      @Czadzikable In the IS, teachers are individually responsible for reporting to their county’s child protective agency. We tell our principal or other boss out of politeness or to get their support. But, I agree, the teacher would have contacted CPS. I am in CA, and would have used my lunchtime to contact CPS as we have to contact within a certain number of hours of originally having the suspicion of child abuse/neglect/endangerment.

    • Jamie miller says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking about.

    • MaMa LaTTy says:

      @Julie Kennedy yeah bc werewolves are real and her family is in charge of saving them all lmaooooo kinda reminds me of that show that was on tv Teen Wolf. lighten up lady.. now have a great night. lighten up a bit seriously u and ur students will thank me. turning off the notifications now as well so i wont know if u ever replied. lol i can be petty too.😘

    • Julie Kennedy says:

      @MaMa LaTTy How was I petty to you? Really—because I am not seeing it. As for lightening up, I literally hav laughter as a goal on my syllabus—that is how important to my classroom environment. I think I am good!

  3. Connor notyerbidness says:

    I for one salute this students sacrifices for the good of the community

  4. MR. blue says:

    Not having some teachers like her was the main reason I slept through most classes

    • Mykael Nyx says:

      I love her stories. The stuff her kids say reminds me of one of my teachers in high school. Except he was the weird one. I was walking down the hallway to the bathroom and I guess he didn’t have a class at the time, his door was wide open and when I passed I could see him standing on top of his air conditioning unit dancing. That was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve never been able to get the image out of my head. And it wasn’t even good dancing…

    • Charlotte Kerr says:

      @Mykael Nyx that is so random but I love it

    • Mykael Nyx says:

      @Charlotte Kerr LOL, yeah but imagine having a witness it…

  5. Idk Dude says:

    When the kid is a big “Supernatural” fan…

  6. Shion Chosa says:

    Poor kid isn’t getting enough sleep and it’s affecting their performance in class 😕

  7. Pablo Menjivar says:

    Mrs Rogers is the teacher we all wanted to have in highschool

    • MaMa LaTTy says:

      FINALLY someone that gets her humor and actually watches her content or have watched her before. LMAO i swear some ppls comments are ridiculous. one person said “u know she’s thinking where’d she put the # for cps” smh take a joke ppl she obviously finds this stuff amusing LOL.

    • Your not so friendly Russian grandma says:

      I’m in highschool right now and have never seen/heard anything along the lines of the things happening for her

    • MaMa LaTTy says:

      @Your not so friendly Russian grandma i dont disagree but that’s why its funny. but yeah some if the stuff is a lil crazy like this one for example

    • Braydon says:

      @Your not so friendly Russian grandma Yeah I don’t believe any of this has happened anymore. If it was just one or two crazy stories maybe, but she just keeps cranking them out.

    • Your not so friendly Russian grandma says:

      @Braydon right! her kids are acting like 6 graders. And instead of educating them, she prances around the issue (probably for comedy)

  8. Euan Wheeler says:

    Honestly though if youre a parent and having financial issues this is a pretty good story to tell your children so they dont get worried

    • Alex Sh says:

      @Pepper Beau I don’t know if it was just a typo or intended but “ware wolf” got a chuckle outta me. Nice

    • Isabella Worthington Church says:

      For the people who replied to this my guess is that the parents got asked by the children and sort of panicked and just made up the best lie they could come up with and it only caused more questions and became more of an elaborate lie, but obviously idk I’m just thinking of the parents situation

    • Alaina D says:

      As a recent child…I can attest to the fact that tiny me would have been way more chill with the werewolf story. Werewolves would be exciting and make me happy to make sacrifices. Financial issues would be boring and harder to understand…and I’d likely just be irritated that my parents “couldn’t” just go get a higher paying job🤦🏼‍♀️

    • My "Real" California Life! says:

      @Pepper Beau that was my first thought also!

    • Pepper Beau says:

      @Alaina D what if it went the other way now your kid is terrified every time they go to sleep and you tell them you where joking now they don’t trust you cause you just lied to them

  9. kylejiahsmith says:

    I need to know two things.
    1, will there be a sequel to this one?

  10. Micheal Thomas says:

    It doesn’t NEED to be silver. Anything pure will do it. Pure iron, pure glass, pure gold, even wood, as long as it’s pure.

    • Useless says:

      @nowhatwhy That… That’s actually a good question.

    • Aleksandra Makari says:

      Lol wow

    • Aleksandra Makari says:

      Oh so a virgin could kill a werewoof then

    • Schöner Albtraum says:

      @Aleksandra Makari I wouldn’t be surprised to find there’s a myth or legend where a virgin kills the werewolf with some sort of silver spear or something.

    • Captain Captain says:

      Depends on the version. Werewolves are part of almost every society and have had many iterations in stories, media, and lore. In many cases though, it is just silver because silver was harmful to the supernatural. That’s what started the myth of vampires not showing up in mirrors. Mirrors used to be made of silver. In any case, if werewolves existed, I wouldn’t risk it and stick to what we know works.

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