Real Things Said in Classrooms Pt. 30 #shorts

Real Things Said in Classrooms Pt. 30 #shorts

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35 Responses

  1. Rebecca Rogers (Mrs. Rogers) says:

    Sorry loves I uploaded the wrong one at first, then the comments were being weird! Hopefully it is all good now 🙂 SO that I KNOW it is working, go ahead and tell me your favorite “Real Things” story 🙂

    • 0kittykruger0 says:

      My favorite is definitely the Wakanda one XD

    • Laila HI says:

      This was funny xD

    • Ariel Harmony says:

      My sons teacher, her father died. She ran out of class crying. My son was so upset he made me text to ask if she was ok and tell her we love her and send her good wishes. We didn’t know what was wrong at that point

      She’s brought out my sons love of learning in a tremendous way after a different school crushed it in kindergarten for punishing fart jokes🤦🏽‍♀️ keeping him inside for every recess then being mad when he was hyper all day!

      Her dad lived in a nursing home and one of the nurses faked vaccinations and now several people are sick and some dead.

      This wonderful woman brought the sparkle into my sons eyes and some idiot didn’t wanna get a jab and killed her dad and I wanna rain hellfire for her.

      We need to pay teachers like we pay top ceos

    • LaMarca Family says:

      Once my friend asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and as she was leaving, she was unwrapping a tampon and the teacher said ‘EXCUSE ME! NO SWEETS ALLOWED HOW ABOUT U SHARE IT WITH THE WHOLE CLASS?! HMM?!’ She then said ‘Ok’ and threw the tampon at him

    • Delibird says:

      @Stormy Nichole I play Bass Clarinet. I’m in my 3rd year of marching band. I don’t really care about placement of medals, but I really find it to be a fun activity because it’s marching, pep, and parade band as well.

  2. Veronica Castaneda says:

    Okay not gonna lie if she were my teacher she would already be my favorite from the first day of school. She has me me dying lmao 😅

  3. Emily says:

    The second she said, “the bottom drawer” I knew exactly what was in it. LMAO.

  4. Billy Wilaon says:

    I love your personality and the respect to have those supplies for girl that are unprepared or aren’t Abel to get ahold of them. That’s mad respect right there. I wish I had you as a teacher

  5. Someguyy867 says:

    God I could only imagine being in this class like 13 years ago and being an absolute Buffon.

    Teachers may have talked about my back but I’m glad I haven’t been blasted on the internet in some sort of way. Just the shame of knowing okay that’s my teacher and uh that’s me.

    Lol I don’t miss middle school.

  6. Lucy Allen says:

    I absolutely love everything about this.
    1) looking out for your students needs.
    2) making it accessable and the least embarrassing for the girls as possible.
    3) the kid REALLY THINKS IT’S CANDY!!

  7. Just Jenny says:

    My music teacher gave us “the talk” and she said if it helps during school and your not prepared, let her know. She keeps the supplies in her office. She is the only teacher that does this. I’m so grateful for her.

  8. Indiana MamaD says:

    This kinda happened to me in a Christian HS I was going to in 1988. My friend asked if I had a “candy” when we were at our lockers and I said yes so I gave it to her on the down low…a teacher was watching us at the time from the teachers lounge and I got accused of giving the girl drugs! I was so angry that he would even insinuate that I had or did drugs I refused to tell him what i gave her until it was getting really out of control. When we finally showed him what it was he was about 3 shades of red and I had a few choice words under my breath towards him.

  9. Safe Space says:

    Loll and I’m so glad that a teacher would be kind enough to have these for the students who have periods. My teachers never did this but I was smart enough to have my own

  10. Jahazariel Constable says:

    They seem so innocent it kills me. Like could you imagine being in that situation seeing your teacher give out “candy” then finally working up the courage to stand up for yourself just for this to happen I might have to switch classes. 😂😂😂

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