Real Time with Bill Maher: In Defense of Free Speech (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: In Defense of Free Speech (HBO)

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Bill Maher and panelists Alex Wagner, Will Cain and former Gov. Lincoln Chafee discuss the PEN-Charlie Hebdo controversy and the shooting in Garland, Texas.

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20 Responses

  1. Dave Fernando says:

    Can a white person say Nigger in America? No. Is it not a matter of free
    speech? You goto Harlem and call a black guy Nigger and you will get your
    faced punched in 10 seconds flat. Why is that not a matter of free speech?
    Why? Because you know that the word Nigger is a associated with hate and
    you choose not to use it. Why can’t the same consideration be given for
    images of Prophet Mohamed. Muslims consider it blasphemous so why not stop
    using it just in the same way you stopped using the word nigger.

  2. Robert Jensen says:

    Liberals support free speech when people demonize Christians.
    They hate free speech when people demonize Islam.
    Liberalism: it’s a mental illness.

  3. Quiet Asylum says:

    Charlie Hedbo appears out of nowhere in 2015, as part of a pseudo-political
    propaganda campaign, courage my ass Maher. You boot licking coward. 

  4. Scott Jones says:

    All is one. 

  5. MrRizkabir says:

    Liberals are fucking stupid

  6. garrettthurman21 says:

    Bill actually made sense there for about 3 seconds. Too bad it went as
    quick as it came 

  7. 699backstab says:

    Never listen to a female when it comes to free speech. Her gender has never
    fought for it never died for it but when they are done applying makeup,
    bleaching their assholes, shaving their pubic hair and preparing themselves
    to be a professional whore they will spend the freedom given to them by now
    dead men and tell you what you should think. Females you way overvalue your
    vagina. You are worthless to me.

  8. Ahmed Qadhi says:

    free speech?!! are you kidding me? here in canada they claim there’s
    freedom of speech! but as soon as you deny holocaust, you are convicted by
    hate speech!! there is no such as free speech!!

  9. 666or999 says:

    +Ahmed Qadhi It’s not racist. Islam is not a race. Your feelings do not
    matter as far as free speech is concerned and no we cannot do whatever we
    want as long as others aren’t hurt.

  10. 666or999 says:

    +Ahmed Qadhi
    Islam has literally nothing to do with race. NOTHING. You get muslims of
    every race just like you get christians of every race.

    Islam is extremely dissimilar to homosexuality. People are not born a
    muslim they are indoctrinated into it and can cease to be a muslim at any
    time. Homosexuality in contrast is something people are born with. Noone
    chose to be gay 1.6 billion people choose to remain islamic.

  11. Jeff E says:

    +Ahmed Qadhi Booing is not the same as killing.

  12. Bobber WCC says:

    But why do that when we can use terrorism as a scapegoat to gather every
    American’s information and whereabouts and scare people into accepting new
    horrible legislature!

  13. tehkoalainsurgency says:

    +Jorge Figueroa “Boring”? For the sake of your entertainment we should
    ignore the current problems that Islam presents? Nonsense.

  14. tehkoalainsurgency says:

    +Jorge Figueroa It’s often spoken about on the show because Islam always
    manages to get itself on the news and never in a positive manner. Before
    his last show 2 Muslims tried to target a cartoon contest. It’s not like
    Maher randomly pulls a conversation about Islam out of his ass.

    You do realize this show is about current issues right? Attempts to silence
    these issues because they’re “boring and predictable” is the dumbest thing
    I’ve read in this comment section. Truly.

  15. John And Rob Jenkins says:

    We have the right to free speech in the U.S.,which means that with
    that,some people are going to get offended. You know what? Too bad! If you
    don’t like it,go live someplace else. Political correctness needs to end. I
    don’t like how these Muslims seem to think that there religion can’t be
    attacked or criticized. Guess what,we live in the 21st century where
    religion is frequently gone after,so they are just going to have to accept
    that. Also,that statement goes for all religions. This comment might piss
    people off,but it needs to be said.

  16. Jose Vega says:

    Send prize money to address:
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
    Washington, DC 20500

  17. tehkoalainsurgency says:

    Lincoln Chafee is definitely going to win the election by appeasing the
    0.08% of Muslims living in America… I’m sure the percentage of those that
    can vote is lower but that’s a strong constituency! #sarcasm

  18. cpthornman says:

    Alex Wagner got fucking owned in this.

  19. Joseph Stokes says:

    Just about all his shows seem to become shouting matches where nobody will
    allow the other to finish a sentence and it’s too bad. I really like
    Maher and what he has to say but this chaos does not contribute much.

  20. zamestol says:

    @ 3:13 ” …. pakistan have nuclear weapon, we need to temp? down the
    language here …”