Real Time with Bill Maher: Interview with Bernie Sanders – July 29, 2016 (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Interview with Bernie Sanders – July 29, 2016 (HBO)

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Bill is joined by Senator Bernie Sanders for re-cap of the Democratic Convention, where Sanders encouraged his supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton.

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20 Responses

  1. chakafan2 says:

    Hey Bernie! Where are your INCOME TAX RETURNS? Why didn’t you release them?

  2. Christian Soldier says:

    Bill Maher nothing but globalist scum!!!

  3. Gerald Patterson says:

    Pimp Daddy Bernie should have won it all. F*** Hillary that B*tch and
    Donald will never get my vote.

  4. Sky King says:

    I wonder why Bill didn’t throw up a picture of the national debt clock
    approaching 20 Trillion. Bernie could have responded with a snide comment
    about it going to 30 Trillion.

  5. Tyson Schmall says:

    this episode was ruined by cornel west, bill needed to have told him to
    stfu. I used to think he was an intellectual but he truly exposed himself
    as nothing but a rabble rouser.

  6. Joel Stuart says:


  7. Restricted Restricted says:

    Bill Maher’s opinion on anything can be summarized as: Oh, they’re wrong.
    Liberals are always right.

  8. TheColonelKlink says:

    It is just a bit tragic seeing how much of a confirmed ‘politically
    correct’ establishment drone and Clinton apologist Bill Maher has become.
    How the worm has turned.

  9. BillyThunderChode says:

    You had one job, Americans.

  10. Veda Kris says:

    Bernie is like a gold. He never fades.

  11. Larry Miller says:

    Moron’s that voted for Hilary you hurt this country more then you’ll ever
    understand..Mainly because you lack any actual/useful intelligence. Yea i
    realize it’s hard words but its the truth. You have single handily done the
    most un-patriotic thing possible by selling out the American ppl, your
    friends, and your family. In 4 year’s when nothing at all has changed enjoy
    that fact..Wonder if it was patriotic when the DNC from the start decided
    Hilary Clinton was the primary candidate that was gonna win no matter what
    the American public had to say about it. They counted on the simple minded
    sheeple in America. Wonder if it was patriotic when America was ripped off
    from having there vote count in so many states. The same states now have
    lawsuits going on for voter fraud..Was that patriotic? Don’t you dare use
    Hilary Clinton and patriotic in the same sentence for that act alone is not

  12. Mark Sauve says:

    “Unlike some of your supporters”? Fuck you, Bill.

  13. Gunnvald Kleveland says:

    Wonder who has the most brown nose , Mahler or Bernie.

  14. Eni Ekukole says:

    If these hyphenated american immigrants are truly Americans why are they
    not eligible to run for president of the USA.

  15. Yves Goodwin says:

    I want that semi-translucent screen for my home… Where can I get one?

  16. Deborah M. Massey says:

    I love both of these men and the things that come out of their minds.

  17. Alec Ashby says:

    Gary Johnson 2016 their is another choice

  18. TJ Rob says:

    DNC cost us election.

  19. Dr. Q says:

    Bill,…….Bernie sold his soul to the Devil for an airplane ride. There’s
    no patriotism here, its called favoritism and profiteering. Do you actually
    think Hillary will give in to Bernies ideals? Theres not a chance in hell,
    unless of course if Hillary gets a little donation to the Clinton

  20. Michael O'Leary (HolyHoundz) says:

    your are the stupidest man ever barndog.