Real Time with Bill Maher: Julian Assange Interview (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Julian Assange Interview (HBO)

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Bill is joined by WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange via satellite for a discussion about the recent DNC leaks in this clip from August 5, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. BlackBeltMonkeySong says:

    Putin’s useful idiot.

  2. draft galosa says:

    This is why I don’t watch Maher. So disrespectful.

  3. Sadie Blue says:

    What is funny is hillary has way more business deals with Russia including
    deals with materials used in nuclear weapons. At the time these deals were
    being worked out a Russian gave the Clinton foundation lots of money. Trump
    doesn’t have one hotel in Russia and has failed for many years to deal with
    russia. Clinton has so many people fooled. Heck 6 more deaths have been
    linked to her in just the past 6 weeks. wake up people

  4. Dee Train says:

    that interview could have been a lot better if Maher wasn’t such a man-gina

  5. MinamuTV says:

    A while back, I used to regard Bill Maher as perhaps one of the great
    comedic minds of our time. Now, when Assange is simply trying to expose
    blatant DNC bias against a candidate and bring about some needed
    accountability, he’s a jerk for doing so and the audience actually applauds
    this viewpoint. That’s truly sad, and it shows that ignorance is not simply
    a problem on the right.

  6. gorgeonthis says:

    Julian’s face looks like an anonymous mask

  7. Jackson Smith says:

    Bill Maher is an angry man….he also sounds like a good little Fascist.

  8. Marcus Haley says:

    Fuck traitors. Which most of you happen to be, unknowingly. Until now, when
    I showed you my middle finger. Fuck trump, fuck trolls and hackers who hack
    for chaos. You’re the character from all of those cliche movies that lose
    sanity in the end and YOU chose that role. Sad shit.

  9. Superweedman Grows says:

    I do not know what the DCCC leak will show, but I can’t wait for the
    clinton campaign leak. It’s coming! Oh Boy!

  10. rockyea85 says:

    He’s trying to make Trump president. He’s scim and I regret ever defending
    him. These leaks make a Trump presidency more likely and we the citizens
    suffer from that

  11. WakeUpWitnesses says:

    How is Maher popular enough to have a show? You can see in his eyes that he
    is purposefully misleading the audience.

  12. Mikehike73 says:

    Bill maher just lost me on that one. Will never watch his show again.
    Completely sold out.

  13. Ben Steele says:

    This was truly pathetic by Maher. I have no respect for him. He represents
    everything that is wrong with the MSM in its acting as partisan whores.

  14. Anonymous Seeker says:

    Fuck Bill Maher. This will be remembered.

  15. AQueryan says:

    I was incredibly frustrated by Bill Maher’s failure to ask Assange the most
    important question that I’ve yet to hear him answer:

    If Assange was an honest player in the release of the hacked DNC emails,
    and truly concerned about the DNC’s unfair treatment of Sanders, rather
    than simply attempting to weaken Hillary Clinton as a presidentiall
    candidate in a head-to-head match up with Donald Trump – why then did he
    choose to sit on the hacked correspondences for a month and a half… well
    in advance of Bernie giving HIllary Clinton his endorsement – and wait
    until the eve of the DNC convention to leak them to the public?

    This is a damn good question… and one that I’d be willing to bet for
    which Assange does not have an equally good answer.

  16. Some Guy says:

    Bill Maher is disgusting.

  17. ItsPooly says:

    Bill Maher is such a fucking joke. The so-called “intellectuals” (AKA
    pseudointellectuals) that globalist liberals paint themselves as get their
    political information straight from a comedian? Jesus Christ. LOL WHY DON’T
    YOU DOOZ THE HACKZORING OF TRUMP. Wikileaks is a whistle-blower
    organization maybe you should encourage some whistle-blowers to come
    forward Maher. We live in a bizarre world where self-proclaimed
    intellectuals are the farthest away from their self-given title. These are
    thoughts a child would have.

  18. Chrisrayconway says:

    Maher is an idiot ?☺️

  19. Abdallah Bissar says:

    This interview was basically Bill saying: “I don’t care about the DNC
    hacks, just hack into Trump’s campaign and tax returns.”

  20. The Law says:

    how is this trending?