Real Time with Bill Maher: Labor Secretary Thomas Perez (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Labor Secretary Thomas Perez (HBO)

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Bill Maher welcomes Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez to discuss employment, the minimum wage, and the “Eeyore Caucus” of Republican naysayers.

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19 Responses

  1. fidorover says:

    I do believe Bernie just found his running mate. #SandersPerez2016

  2. hello says:

    You can live on 15 an hour in some states and not in others.

  3. Paul Pena says:

    Appointing a democrat to an economic position is like appointing Himmler to
    a UN council of human rights. These fricken morons. He mentions $15/hr min.
    wage increase and everyone claps like stupid seals unable to understand the
    consequences. Walmart has 22 million employees. If you increased all min
    wage salaries by $5 that’s 22 BILLION annum! In 2014 WM returned 68 billion
    to shareholders. You are essentially cutting their profits by a 1/3!
    Shareholders start looking for greener pastures, people get laid off
    en-masse and, of course, Walmart pours more money into automation to
    replace those pesky “min wagers”. End results – HUGE unemployment. Now
    consider an employer like McDonalds. For $10/hr he’s happy with Joe “no
    skills” smith to flip burgers. But for $15 an hour hold the phone! He’s
    gonna want some more bang for his buck. Maybe he picks an employee with an
    associates degree who he can groom for upper management some day. And of
    course that guy with an associates degree wouldn’t normally consider a min
    wage job but hey $15 is a lot better. Maybe for a year or two that’s just
    fine. So where does that leave Joe “no skills smith”? UNEMPLOYED. And God
    forbid some of these jobs can be outsourced to other countries, oh please
    that job belongs to an Indian or Malaysian YESTERDAY! The problem with
    Democracy is the stupidity of the electorate and how easily it is swayed by
    things that “seem compassionate”. It’s so easy to seduce the stupid masses.

  4. HorrorPlayhouse says:

    That 5% number is a bunch of BS. If you are unemployed long enough you are
    considered statistically employed. The left is skewing it, but so is the
    right. Realistically it is about 10-12%.

    The main problem with raising the minimum wage so drastically is that it
    will put a much larger percentage of the population on minimum wage.
    Salaries are not raise accordingly. If you have been with a company and
    were hired on at $6.50/hr (which is plenty for a high school kid), worked
    your ass off to get up to $12/hr…..and find yourself once again sitting
    on the very bottom. Raising minimum wage across the board is a tool to keep
    poor people poor….and to create more poor people (on the very bottom).
    Everything is relative. So, if minimum wage goes up to 60k per year….half
    the country would be on minimum wage…creating a larger gap between the
    wealthy and the poor. Prices will always rise to create profits for
    shareholders. 60k/year will just become the new 20K per year.

    The productivity argument is irrelevant, since it is technology and
    investments that have increased productivity….not manual labor.

  5. FromThisLandscape says:

    fact free zone! ? I support Hillary ??? It’s the Republicans ?.
    Hillary doesn’t have a $15 hr “in the big cities” plan, bill? ????lol
    Real Time is now FACT FREE ZONE????Rising tide???? lol BS FU and
    ?rich%Bill? too. I Steal You I Steal You.

  6. ld eagle says:

    this has to be the biggest crock of /!! $#&!! that I have heard since
    Hillary last opened her pie hole.

  7. Gucci Goldstein says:

    Thomas Perez is great!

  8. OldskolFan says:

    Raise the minimum wage but also raise a livable wage for skilled workers to
    over $20 and up! Some/most EMT’s and licensed nurses only earn about $15 an
    hour (in California!)….they should be making more then fast food and
    retail workers!

  9. chris powell says:

    Go ahead listen to this dumb jackass that support Obama and his racial
    division he wants but anyone that looks at the facts but you won’t dumb
    jackasses because your too emotional look at obama actions he lied about
    nafta trying to pass the tpp walmart wants a higher min wage to hinder
    competition you choose to work at fast food if you want out of that low pay
    wage learn a skill build a businesses thats what im doing im not waiting on
    a fucker in washington or any state capitol to make my wage go up its my
    responsibility. Obama supports the nsa ILLEGAL wiretapping started under
    bush he still supports this drug war anyone who supports obama is political
    idiot or fucking evil

  10. randy rysdale says:

    i’m glad you stood up to that fat fuck arpaio. someone should take him to
    jail and abuse him, that fat ass

  11. EL Kabong says:

    If we had more people like Secretary Perez this country would at the top of
    it’s game.

  12. jimlaregina says:

    Employed doing what, for what kind of salary?

  13. oogity-boogity woogity says:

    So in six years we’ve only had 14 million jobs added to a nation of over
    321 million people that has a net population growth rate of about 1%,
    meaning we have to create about 3 million jobs per annum just to compensate
    for the population growth rate. Also, many of these jobs a low wage part
    time jobs (so they don’t have to provide healthcare). Then you have many
    people working 2 jobs just to make the equivalent income of 1 full-time
    job, and you have a current situation where income inequality has been
    growing. I’m not impressed with these results. The American dream is merely
    a dream for many people and nothing more.

  14. Stef D'Amici says:

    Love Bill Maher, have to say this show is off target though. I have been
    unemployed for over 2 years, have a masters degree and have broad-based job
    skills. As an older worker, I don’t even get interviews because I get
    screened out by the computer screening process. Since I don’t receive
    unemployment comp, I’m desperate for a job. If we’re at full employment,
    where are all of the companies beating down my door since I must be the
    only unemployed individual? In fact, many people have dropped out of the
    job-seeking game. I have generally supported Obama, but I feel the Bern
    now, but we have to stop kidding ourselves that we are at full employment.

  15. jafrocubic2 says:

    Before we all continue to sit around talking (shit) about how this guy
    should be a running mate or how he should be in a “MAJOR” cabinet position,
    can we just take a moment to look at how good of a job he’s done in his
    current role? Please?! If it’s not broken, why fix it?! He’s done an
    amazing job and maybe someone who clearly possesses his expertise in the
    field should continue there. Perhaps with a guy like this we can
    realistically shoot for the lowest unemployment rate and highest minimum
    wage we’ve ever seen. Sure, he seems like an awesome person and maybe
    someday he can take a role of leadership with a broader scope, but this is
    the man we want in charge of taking care of our workforce. Keep him there
    long enough to write the book on it so no one fucks it up again after he’s

  16. mark1952able says:

    WTF? Why isn’t this guy on Fox news?

  17. Danny A says:

    We need this guy in our leadership.

  18. northof50now says:

    I must have missed it. How many people have left the work force and are not
    counted? I think the last count was 94,000,000. Why aren’t they counted in
    the 5%? I must have also missed the percentage of the public, working full
    time, getting minimum wage? I believe 80% are white, between 16 -24, in
    seasonal jobs, unmarried. How will raising the minimum help families? I am
    a conservative, but enjoy Bill’s commentary. I may not agree with him all
    the time, but I appreciate his ability to bullsh*t as well as anyone and am
    genuinely happy for his success.

  19. J Wrizza says:

    The loss of good wage jobs in this country has been in decline for about
    forty years. Industry jobs where you could raise your family afford a home
    are all about gone. UNION BUSTING by conservatives and any type of trade
    bills by both parties are a great part of what happened to good jobs in
    this COUNTRY also technology. Talking to machines instead of humans,talking
    to people overseas on these 1-866 help lines don’t help the job situation
    either ??