Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – America’s Apology Tour – June 24, 2016 (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – America’s Apology Tour – June 24, 2016 (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher recommends that President Obama use his last months in office to go on an “Apology World Tour,” and make amends for all of the harm we’ve intentionally and unintentionally done to other countries.

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19 Responses

  1. Paul Raver says:

    More like whatever you elect it is always some one who pretends to be
    Paul/Wants to be Paul while not having the slightest clue what he or she is

  2. Lenny DeFrank says:

    LBJ would bring the press into the bathroom while he was on the toilet.
    Things have come a long way.

  3. Zzenn says:

    Another idiot putting down America . . . . don’t mention anything good
    about this country like the heroism of world war 2 or the freedom our
    rights represent……noooo, just live here and like so many others who USE
    America and shit on it in front of their friends while laughing . . . .
    America stands for individual liberty not for Britney Spears or any other
    fault of any person or group that lives here . . . you;re an idiot.

  4. Diego Sanchez says:

    Omg! He said Guatemala! This is the first time since John Oliver I heard a
    talk show say Guatemala!

  5. tim d says:

    Apology tour? No decent Brit or American wants to hear this, the tenure is
    over in 4 months. Advice should have been become a Nationalist and go good
    for the US, bring our jobs back, promote the US, don’t degrade and
    apologize, bring the country to prosperity, he did just the opposite, he
    tried to convert us to Socialism, and failed. Bernie, the same, and failed.
    HRC will try and will fail – and if you need any hint as to the future,
    look at brexit. Nationalism, Borders, America First, jobs, prosperity,
    pride – this was all taken away in the past 8 years, it’s time to return
    America to what it was, brexit was the first step!

  6. Captain FuzzyPants says:

    I can’t afford HBO, so thank you for this. I have not seen GoT in 2 years.

  7. John Lewis says:

    Bill Maher; You’re great, [But starts here–> but do you really think
    Hillary does not plan to continue fighting small countries for profit?
    Hell, her childhood hero was an integral part of perpetuating the Vietnam
    Conflict. Remember that who you choose to support makes you at least
    morally responsible for their actions when their history dictates their

  8. Nikola Tesla says:

    I notice the Trump trolls are out in force this morning. I’m always amazed
    at redneck white men. They’ve all seen too many John Wayne movies and are
    terrified of foreigners, fags and females. The last 8 years have been
    horrible in their minds A lot of poor people got health insurance, most
    Americans went back to work and the gays got to get married. Oh, how
    apocalyptic! What they really hate about Obama is that he is black and what
    they really hate about Hillary is that she’s a woman.

  9. SA EM says:

    Apology accepted, now bring back our king.

  10. El Güero Tamaulipeco says:

    Mexico wasn’t taken it was sold by Santa Anna. What was Mexico then would
    be in terrible shape now if it still was Mexico.

  11. AudioRebel says:

    Hillary will legalize pot and end the wars, NOT. I am not a Trump
    supporter, the man is clearly insane but that doesn’t mean that Hillary is
    any good. Why doesn’t Bill Maher get this.

  12. Executive Decision says:

    NEW RULE : Bill Maher and his guests need to be talking more about the
    pending FBI investigations and the very likely criminal indictments to be
    handed down against Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders getting the
    Democratic nomination for President over her at the convention next month.
    So it’s not about Bernie supporters getting behind Hillary if she’s not

    >>>>>> Hillary and Bernie both fell short of the 2383 number of delegates
    needed for nomination in the primaries, several super-delegates have
    already defected from Clinton to Sanders and even more will at the
    convention after her indictment is announced. Wait and see! <<<<<<

  13. KJamesB says:

    J j, jayF and all you other J’offs posting as work from home GOP marketers
    are the disease of democracy, the sad reminder of the ignorant past; enjoy
    your clown-in-chief – not only will Trump not get in the office, but this
    time around, but no amount of gerrymandering will save the Senate seats and
    house seats that we’ll take!

  14. Voiceof Reason says:

    Funny how when Bill Maher did his OFFICIAL “SORRY” list, he left out the
    SLAVERY of black people.

  15. conway GG says:

    “we’ve elected a THOUGHTFUL black president”

    ok sure.

    “and now a woman”

    that’s it? Can’t think of a single compliment for her? She was born as a
    woman so she’s good by definition. Voting for the Iraq War that he made fun
    of 30 seconds prior means nothing. *covers ears and puts on blind fold* IM
    WITH HER!!

  16. Yo Payback says:

    Thoughtful black president and a woman who did their best to drown Syria
    and Lybia in their own blood. Really makes you think…

  17. Wonder Woman says:

    $hillary is friends with Henry Kissinger. Enough said.

  18. TheAndrey says:

    He gave white people permission to laugh, I am Asian and not sure if I can
    laugh too. Can someone help me understand ?

  19. Ryan Lucas says:

    I’m sorry Bill, but Hillary said one of her closest friends is Henry
    Kissinger. I could never vote for her.