Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule: Migrant Headache (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule: Migrant Headache (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher highlights America’s propensity for xenophobia, while railing against Australians for taking over his country.

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20 Responses

  1. Charles Ring says:

    Gotta love Bill Maher. He is awesome showing the ridiculousness of idiots
    and telling people what they need to but don’t want to hear.

  2. kaldurahm says:

    I do have to say, however, that there are some Australian actors I really
    don’t get why we keep giving them jobs. And yes Sam Worthington, Jai
    Courtney, and Brenton Thwaites I’m talking about you.

  3. Ebreeze84 says:

    33 Americans(prolly white?) didn’t look at the mirror. Like Bill said” they
    can’t take away your jobs, someone has to give it away.”

  4. AholeAtheist says:

    Hang on, hang on, hang on, “they’ve got great personalities and generous
    with the free drinks”? Are you sure they’re not Kiwi’s and you’re confusing
    the accent?

  5. brah ket says:

    I hate aussies…them mofo’ll fuck ur grandma if u don’t watch out…

  6. Adrian Connolly says:

    yeh about time we have had the USA culture invade us especially with shit
    shows like Sinfield – To the USA we are very simliar that is why we get on

  7. Ruby Tuesday says:

    LOL Hi from Australia, cried laughing.

  8. scott121 says:

    This guy is a Moron. You need the wall to help reduce the border crossing.
    You need to fine the employers and add e-verified. Trump has already said
    that he will do all this and Bill i guess doesnt follow Trump. Moron

  9. WhoAteMisterEd says:

    Bill Maher is an idiot. illegal Australian immigrants are not swamping the
    US. illegal Hispanic immigrants cross over into the US by the tens of
    millions over the decades. illegal Hispanics depress wages for legal
    American workers of all races and hurt especially Black Americans. After
    Hurricane Katrina, Hispanics construction workers flooded the area to work
    construction while Blacks were jobless. Hispanics have colonized the US.
    See the map in the link below.
    pewresearch (DOT)

  10. Jose Interiano says:

    Bill maher at his finest.

  11. infinightsky says:

    I’ve immigrated bill!!! And here for life

  12. Carlos Lascoutx says:

    scolding the innocent(Mexico)in front of the guilty(America). NAFTA was
    passed fast-track and half-assed by the US Congress, and the result was 20M
    more Mexicans below the poverty line and a plunge into a drug war where
    Mexico lost more civilians than we did
    soldiers in Vietnam. but Mexico walks slowly beside time and sees the USA
    for what it is:
    a scared bully who didn’t study enough, yet trumps what’s right.

  13. MaxShinBowl says:

    Australians have us Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, so I can never ever be
    mad at them.

  14. ballsofass says:

    FUCK OFFFFFF if anything america is trying to push their way of life in
    Australia….becoming all for corporations and profit……..i hate america
    soo much………..especially in the last decade

  15. AMV Top 50 says:

    Me speak American? I can haz cheezeburger? Me have green money things.

  16. AJatethewaffles says:

    With respect to Palin bashers, the request to speak American is the
    requirement to speak dialectal American. American English is a variant of
    British English with many (literally thousands of) differences. If you grab
    a tyre out of the boot and kneel on the footpath then you may need to learn
    to grab a tire out of the trunk and kneel on the sidewalk.

  17. Lincoln Keane says:

    Fine, maybe we’ll keep our mad max movies.

  18. Matthew Wild says:

    Now this is Bill Maher at his best.

  19. Ram TigerJaguar says:

    Er, about the penicillin thing – ever heard of Sir Alexander Fleming? Not
    Australian. Fact checking required…