Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

The Vat19 crew is back with another Real vs Food Challenge! This time it’s crazy flavors of candy canes.
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Vat19 is dedicated to “curiously awesome” gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you’ll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.

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65 Responses

  1. Mlg trek 334 says:

    those libtards got trolled

  2. AJEET KUMAR RAI says:

    Every day u make me laugh

  3. Don’t sub to me says:

    _I know everyone is happy about it being December because Christmas is this month, but I’m happy about it because No Nut November is over and I can finally nut._

  4. MrGreen says:

    Anyone Needs 1 Subb?
    Like This And Subb Me!!!

  5. Rokas St says:

    My favuorite channel is vat19 😉

  6. Flik ¿ says:

    Notification comes up: click instantly: 43 views
    seems legit

  7. Vana The Devilish Angel says:

    I love these challenges they’re super funny

  8. The Over-active Weeb says:


  9. AJ Productions says:


    It’s not bacon flavoured

  10. Pablo Zamora says:

    dang y’all are so quick to comment… did ya even watch it? clammy pickles

  11. Ifarted 1time says:

    The cinnamon and Mac and cheese kinda look like they would taste good.
    (It looks like bread crumbs)

  12. TSM-AX says:

    1:25 turn on captions

  13. Jpsgames 123 says:

    Why i
    Read More

  14. Mille Reese says:

    I love candy canes like if u do too

  15. Rhiana Smith says:

    Joey has a beard now? Our Joey is growing up so fast ??

  16. Ashley Robinson says:


    To like !u comment!

  17. Lucas B says:

    Why is Santa putting the canady canes in his pants!?

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s SCROLLING Down the commen’t SeCtIoN whiLE WATCHing the VIDEO?♥❤❤

  19. Alejandra Francesca says:

    “Pickle?”….”What no! do better joey!” ? my little niece can not stop repeating that.

  20. Patrycia Kozak says:

    You guys should make a 6foot snowman made of floof

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