Rebak do drzewa Hit Internetu!!! Z cyklu Polak potrafi !

Rebak do drzewa Hit Internetu!!! Z cyklu Polak potrafi !

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20 Responses

  1. Dr Ursus says:

    Super pomysl . Rebak ze zwolnicy z c 360 i felgi

  2. Tomasz Sakrajda says:

    inna większą felga lub mocniej ja wyciąć i grubsze dało by radę. ta jest od
    autobusu :)

  3. Michał Kowalczyk says:

    I właśnie dlatego leniwi ludzie powinni pracować z ludźmi którzy są
    Ponieważ człowiek inteligentny powie leniwemu żeby zrobił coś żmudnego a
    leniwy będzie kombinował. Jak zrobić, żeby się nienarobić.

  4. Micah Amey says:

    imagine getting your arm stuck in that.

  5. Noah F says:

    When your girl catch you cheating and make you stick your dick in this

  6. GodofKings7 says:

    the second dude is fuckking up XD

  7. Notification Squad says:

    this is way better than The 1000 degree knife vids

  8. Chancellor Meow says:

    Polan can into lumberjack?

  9. Kris ᴀᴋᴀ Ꮩenno says:

    Nazwijmy to Kurva i lecimy podbijać rynek światowy

  10. flik221 says:

    this is strangely satisfying

  11. Super Abz says:

    imagine if your dick got caught in that.

  12. Android Gameplay - DROIDZ says:

    *Was wondering if anyone would lose an arm but still pretty cool

  13. ZDProletariat says:

    I am irrationally angry at the completely different sizes of cuts of the
    second log.

  14. nick longstaffe says:

    I really like that it’s running off of the PTO makes ur way more portable
    and therefore easier to use

  15. TheDrowningFish says:

    Having a limb stuck in that would be unfortunate

  16. Grock99 says:

    Cheap polish wood, pfft. My Japanese hand crafted wood folded over 2000
    times will destroy that hideous contraption.

  17. Tom James says:

    not gonna lie, the second guy sucks at it

  18. Asher Gavin Cole says:

    tying a rope at far end of log and around the cutter,will give equal length

  19. Moose Knuckle says:

    Hahaha genius!!!

  20. - eniotna - says:

    Now this is what i want trending