Rebel Wilson On Dating Justin Bieber – The Graham Norton Show

Rebel Wilson On Dating Justin Bieber – The Graham Norton Show

Rebel Discuses her and Kelly Osborne’s successful attempts to woo Justin Bieber.

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20 Responses

  1. Sidney Palmer says:

    God almighty she is disgusting and she keeps looking more and more dead.

  2. Oliver Lane says:

    Wait, You found his balls?

  3. Brandon Jackson says:

    Am I supposed to laugh?

  4. Daniel Stefan (Craphex) says:

    Horse Riding rofl, stop animal abuse.

  5. Nikolus Guidry says:

    #HODABOMB ? 

  6. dexter 34 says:

    i agree with a user who answer in a comment that she is not ugly just fat .
    but i hate this feminist idea about the female body size cause it’s
    promoted for years but i dont see everything about male body size . for
    years we hear about women feel nice with your body looks in feminist
    commercials normal women are the not so pretty and sexy ones , but we dont
    see nothing about men .

  7. robt400 says:

    i’d smush

  8. Joel Cisneros says:

    she’s 36 years old

  9. Moneer Sobuh says:

    I love her

  10. gonzalo huelmo says:

    It is funny because she is fat

  11. Loving Harmonies says:

    She’s so cute and funny ??

  12. Miku Hatsune says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This video sucks
    And so do you

  13. sn moy says:

    It’s good

  14. Markarth Guard says:

    So is she settled down with her weight. Why is it funny to be fat. People,
    take care of your health and eat right.

  15. julio hernandez says:

    She and amy schumer should make a movie

  16. Jay Lowe says:

    Good For You& Sup yo!% savory plot What’s your opinion about tjis !

  17. jaafar kassim says:

    Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy do a movie together please

  18. Cheyenne Hemmo says:

    she’s not british. she’s Australian. and she’s cute and funny so.

  19. RockStar FAIL says:

    I bet this comment can get 300 likes in 3 days… Do you believe me? :o

  20. Jwitzzz says:

    Maybe she can’t find love cause she’s so damn fat