Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 3

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 3

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29 Responses

  1. Car Pal says:

    I just love seeing the entire car community helping and supporting this project, wholesome

    • metroop says:

      LSC via proxy too

    • Ausiyum Carguy says:

      Fr I love your vids btw

    • MightyCoffeeMaker says:

      I want ChrisFix and DonutMedia on this !

      « Hey guys, today we are going to replace the battery for this P1, it has seen better better days but hopefully we will give it a new life for it’s owner ! Out with the old and in with the new »

    • Complexi says:

      @MightyCoffeeMaker he recently changed batteries of a toyota prius a p1 should be easy easy for chiris fix.

  2. Mathew Jones says:

    Imagine putting a $1 tire plug on a $2,000,000 car 😂😂😂

  3. PJW_M3 says:

    I was part of the paint team on the p1 when it was in production. So glad to see you rebuilding this. The p1 is the best car we’ve done so far for sure. Will be following this all the way. Good luck

  4. 9168TimGlass says:

    It is good to see how many content creator’s have been in some way associated with you on this project. I hope you have everyone together for a grand reveal at the completion of this build. It would be the only proper way to unveil such a massive undertaking of bringing this work of art back to life

    • Random Name says:

      Lol you won’t see Rich and Stevon back together for the final reveal. They had a bad breakup.

  5. Robert Berger says:

    STEVEN! STEVEN! STEVEN!!!! 1st I’ve seen him since the accident. So glad he’s looking OK!!! Thanks for all that you’re doing, Tavarish!

  6. Bailey DeLelys says:

    Seeing this series is sooo inspiring. Watching Freddy and the crew take on such a huge process that would scare some of the toughest mechanics. It just shows how tangible a goal can be when you break the project down into smaller bite size pieces. It’s a massive project but seeing it apart just sort of makes it seem way less mysterious. Thanks for the work you guys are putting into this p1 and the video work!

  7. JR Garage says:

    Best car rebuild to ever see YouTube hands down

    • Robs Device Unknown says:

      No so sure about that. I personally would have tore it down for parts and sold them to make a profit. But, I dont have 2.5 mil subs to justify spending too much to repair something either. I imagine I would repair it too if I could make videos justifying it.

    • Brey says:

      ​@Robs Device Unknown he said rebuild. He didn’t say profit. Unless someone buys a wrecked/ flooded car of higher value, then This is it. But tbh this is probably the perfect one to do it on and not go bankrupt. Bugs and higher end vehicles would have too many proprietary parts that would just sink the entire vision. This car inspired the next generation of McLaren so you can find most of the parts you would need on “cheaper” vehicles.

    • Dr. Buzz VonJellar says:

      Hands Down! Rich Rebuilds! Hell yeah

    • The Big Picture says:

      @Dr. Buzz VonJellar Rich Rebuilds dropped a notch without Stevo

    • Barry James says:

      @Robs Device Unknown 😊

  8. Modern Discourse says:

    Rich & Steven for the WIN!

    This is the collab we never knew we needed.

  9. Matthew schreiner says:

    This video has to be one of my favorites, not only is it a P1 rebuild video, watching you and your friends work together and mess around really makes this video perfect

  10. Ghomer Hust says:

    wow that is a BIG step. getting that danger out will allow you guys to really go full steam ahead like a regular car. loving it!

    • James Buckle says:

      It’s been sat discharged after burning itself out – can’t see it being a danger just now.

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