Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 4

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 4

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25 Responses

  1. Leo Bonavita says:

    The fact that McLaren received you and let their master tech give informal advice to you is awesome. Keep it going Freddy! This project is nuts and amazing to see!

  2. Surfer Sandman says:

    I’m very impressed with how well the local McLaren service center treated you. How well you all cleaned this car is seriously amazing.

  3. Steve Keate says:

    I love seeing Rex, Freddy and Jack working together.

  4. John Newbury says:

    Not sure that anything on YouTube in ‘23 can beat Mr Tavarish and his P1. The chap and his team is all kind of awesome. Thank you for continually brilliant content. 👍

  5. first name says:

    Awsome that mclaren took the time out to inspect and help out many big car companies would avoid it like the plague. it’s also fantastic advertising for them and for your channel loving this p1 restoration

  6. Ben Daye says:

    The more episodes I watch the more I realize the sheer magnitude & rarity of what it is your doing, it’s admirable beyond words, keep going brother!!

  7. Tripp Rogers says:

    McLaren P1 part 344 “Today, we are getting all of the sand out of Jack’ s buttcrack, he accidentally sat down in the passenger seat”

  8. HardwareLust says:

    After all the dry ice, it’s starting to look like an actual project car instead of a rolling disaster. Nice work guys!

  9. CO OCD says:

    Is it me or does everyone think it would be a stellar move for McLaren to “help” you out with parts as a gesture of good faith? Not that they have or need to but man, that would be so amazing to see that kind of support and collaboration. Either way, you are the only YTber that has a “cheap” P1, regardless of condition. lol Eagerly awaiting the next video!

    • BlueTrane2028 says:

      They’re in the business of making money and that car was meant for an extremely elite subset of humans.

      It’s expensive for many reasons. The smartest move with this car would’ve been to part out whatever is still good, but we’re here for the bad decisions and saving something rare.

      I still don’t know how he’s getting past the certificate of destruction…

    • jukee67 says:

      They need to be very careful. I am certain that their legal team will be very upfront and tell any and all employees to avoid cameras or document any “help” or “parts” aside from doing so and charging a consultation fee along with parts at retail cost minus any small discount once a certain total gets eclipsed. There are many McLaren customers and former customers that got hosed or feel screwed over in the past. As a manufacturer they have a very specific target market and they do not want to deviate from that business model. I am surprised they didn’t make a deal with the insurance company to dismantle and make the VIN go to a destroyed list. If they are doing well and making a profit each quarter then they would have bought it…their legal team would tell them to but the accountants may not have approved the deal. These cars are known to be anything but reliable. When you buy one the price you pay is the starting point and will only grow with time even if you just keep it in a garage. I find this whole thing interesting and I am rooting for Freddie. This would never happen without the ability to recover money from ads and this platform. Maybe the manufacturer wanted this to go as it has up to this point too. It’s interesting business on all ends. Takes guts to be involved in any of this.

    • Kyle M says:

      I think their brand would benefit from anything that would help prospective customers wanting to own the cars. I think McLaren is awesome, and the performance is pretty impressive. But I don’t know if I’d ever want to own one of their cars. At any price point there’s something I’d more likely end up with.

      McLaren have had problems with reliability, build quality, resale, parts availability, parts pricing and servicing. That just sounds like a grating ownership experience. Making their cars more accessible by reducing the barriers to keep them on the road would do a lot for the brand.

      There are original P1 owners that have sold off their cars because they didn’t want to have to deal with the headaches that come with an aging P1 that needs major system upgrades.

      All Mclarens are incredible. But these perceived issues impact the whole market.

      So people like Freddy, or an independent specialist should be able to work on these cars. Otherwise their in the business of selling super cars that will lose a huge chunk of their value in less than 10 years. McLaren should have the goal of keeping as many of their cars on the road as possible.

    • Sonny Rodriguez says:

      @jukee67 Agreed 100%.
      They can’t do something on good faith because their loyal customers would feel like being a content creator gets you special treatment. They probably are hoping to show viewers just how difficult it is, and expensive, to rebuild something like this so that people will understand that it takes over $2,000,000 just in parts to restore it and you’ll lose thousands of hours in the process. Want to replace the body panels, glass, battery? That’s fine, it’s going to cost you half a million. You won’t have a warranty and you’ll still have another $250k in parts to go.

    • Ryan De Witt says:

      Like has been stated, they have a set market. They don’t need any publicity nor would it benefit them financially in any way. Therefore, while it would be great, it would be extremely unlikely they would so much as even give a slight discount as there is no need for them to.

  10. Readventures says:

    McLaren have gone up sooo much in my humble estimations after this episode. So refreshing to see a company treat their fans and car owners with respect and patience.

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